Best Places to Take Your Boat Out in Townsville


Did you know that 34% of the population of Queensland goes boating? So chances are, you love to take your boat out yourself or know someone that does!

Whether you’re new or have lived here your whole life, you might be wondering about Townsville boating destinations.

To help you out, here are the best destinations to take your boat out in Townsville.

Balgal Beach

Balgal Beach is a nice suburb in Townsville and as the name suggests, it has a wonderful sandy beach you can enjoy. In fact, it’s part of the Northern Beaches district, which is quite popular.

Take your boat out here and take in the breathtaking sights. Balgal Beach also has secure swimming with a stinger net from November to May. You can also fish to your heart’s content here.

If you’d like to dive into the Great Barrier Reef, Balgal Beach has some top-notch boat ramp facilities. And when you’re done with your activities, there are plenty of cafes around to relax, unwind, and refuel at. This makes it one of the best locations to boat to in Townsville.

Australian marketplaces like Grays have made buying a boat the easy part. To help you out with the more pressing question, here are the best destinations to take your boat out in Townsville.


Here’s another quaint suburb that’s located right on the coast in Townsville. If you find Balgal Beach to be too busy for you, then Toomulla Beach is perfect for you, as it’s much more isolated.

Not only can you fish at Toomulla Beach, but you can also bird watch. If you have some dogs you’d like to bring along with you, then you’ll be pleased to know that lots of boaters walk along the beach with their four-legged friends, so feel free to do so as well.

This area offers some stunning views at sundown, so make sure you stick around for an amazing experience. And make sure you bring a camera as well to capture these moments!

Picnic Bay

Maybe you enjoy hustle and bustle. In that case, you’d love it at Picnic Bay. Located on Magnetic Island, there’s plenty to do here, no matter what your tastes are.

Activities at Picnic Bay include swimming and snorkelling in the ocean. For the fishing enthusiasts, you’ll be able to cast your line on an iconic jetty.

Jeff from Sports Fishing and Leisure says “If you’d like to stay dry and on the land, don’t worry, as there’s plenty to do here as well. There are plenty of shopping and dining options to choose from. You can even make a day of it and go golfing on Magnetic Island’s only golf course for spectacular views of both the land and wildlife.”

Try Out These Boating Destinations in Townsville

Now that you have a great list of the best boating destinations in Townsville, you’ll know exactly where to go on a boat. Whether you just want some alone time on the sea or you’re entertaining some guests, you’re sure to pick the perfect places to go! With so many wonderful boating destinations near Townsville, Australia, you’ll have plenty to do.



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