How to Find the Best Artist for Tattoo Phuket Thailand

best tattoo artist in Phuket

Tattooing has much deeper roots than one might think. While many are convinced it’s just a fashion trend, current only a few decades ago, the truth is that the origins of this body art go deep into the past. Back then, tattooing was a part of magical rituals, belonging to a certain social class, or marking people excluded from society. How to find the best tattoo artist in Phuket, Thailand.

More on the history of this art read below: 

Today, it is not always easy to explain the individual motives for people to opt for a tattoo. For most, drawing on the body is a matter of fashion, while symbolism is often not too important. Still, some want to immortalize some important events, dates, or beloved people with body painting.

After finally deciding to get a body painting, most people wonder what to look for in a good tattooist. Many reputable artists can offer quality work, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing one.

If you ever find yourself in Phuket, you might get lucky with best tattoo artist in Phuket. This Thailandian town is a trendy place when it comes to body art. Many tattooists who work or run their studios have a good reputation, both for the artistry and professionalism.

No Rush

The most common question that people ask about choosing the best tattoo artist in Phuket is what to look for in a good tattooist. There are many prominent artists who can offer quality work. Still, in order to find one, you need to do some research first before you choose the best tattoo artist in Phukebest tattoo artist in Phukett.

But before you dig in, you must be sure about your decision and choice of painting. Where will you have this little piece of art? Do you know what color it should be? Are you looking for the symbol or the meaning of the painting you chose? These are the questions that you must ask yourself before choosing an artist.

If you came to Phuket as a tourist, you’re probably not familiar with tattoo studios in this town. So, the very first step is Google or asking around. You need to get some names to start further (and more detailed) research.

Check Background and Portfolio

After getting the names of parlors and individual tattooists in Phuket, the next point is to look into their background. That research can give you a general idea of how they will deal with the body painting you want. It will also help you see whether the tattooist can meet your requirements in the sense of tattoo style and design.

You may also want to look at the artists’ portfolio, especially if they have been recommended by someone who has used their body painting service before. Every tattooist must have a portfolio that they show prospective customers to help them make their decision. Make sure that the artwork they offer is original and not copied from other artists.

Reputable professionals, like experts from Inked Machine Phuket Thailand, are happy to show you some work in progress, mostly if they work on something big and complex. Once you find the artist with a polished and professional-looking work collection, you are safe in the knowledge that they will provide you with high-quality service.

Look for Licensed Artists

When looking for a tattoo artist in Phuket, you should make sure that they are licensed to work with ink and needle. Check if they are well-trained, and feel free to ask for some proof of licensing. Inquire about their equipment and the ink they use. Professional artists understand the importance of quality ink.

Some of the best tattoo artists in Phuket are very skilled and experienced in their field. Many of them are awarded for their artworks, or they might work in reputable studios worldwide. So you might want to check these acknowledgments before making a choice.

Look for Tattooists Specialized in Different Styles

Most of the time, people staying in Phuket for only a week or two will go straight to some random local tattoo parlors they run onto. That can be a bad idea, as with no research, they may end up with an amateurish tattoo. Even worse, they can endanger health by getting a tattoo in some improvised studio that doesn’t meet a minimum of hygienic standards.

In order for the tattoo artist in Phuket to work with you in any professional manner, the design of the painting you want should complement the kind of personality that you have and that you want your tattoo to represent. Suppose you want something that shows that you are an easy-going, joyful person who loves the sea. In that case, you should look for a tattoo artist in Phuket specializing in sea-related tattoo designs and imagery.

Hygiene and Safety Practice

There are several risks when tattooing, so workplace hygiene must be a critical factor when choosing a tattoo artist. The studio must be clean and regularly disinfected. The workers should be equipped following the highest hygienic standards, especially due to the current global situation. The equipment they use must be sterilized after each use, and it is even better if they use disposable ones.

Another thing to consider when choosing a tattoo studio in Phuket is whether they provide any other treatments besides tattooing. Some studios offer laser removal and also tattoo restoration. They must have a certificate proving their expertise in these fields.

Discuss Your Choice

The only way for you to ensure that you make the right choice of tattoo studio or an artist is by talking to them. Feel free to ask them questions that will help you with the painting choice (some general guidelines see here). During the talk, you will notice whether tattooists are friendly and easy-going. If you feel uncomfortable while talking with them, they shouldn’t be your choice.

Tattooing is an art and not something that should be done with no effort. With this in mind, you should entrust your body only to professional artists whom you trust, as they will guide you through the whole process.


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