5 Things To Consider When Buying Plants Online

Buying Plants Online

If you’re considering buying plants online and you’re unsure as to what to look, then this article can make the entire process easier for you. A lot of people think that just because shopping online is convenient, they can immediately buy plants from any website. However, this isn’t true because if you want to get the best deals, you should be careful when buying plants online.

You’ll be able to come across countless indoor plants online, but aside from the kind, there are many other things you should pay attention to when buying using this platform. If this is your first time to buy plants online, make sure to also consider the following aspects:

  1. Customer Reviews

    One of the first things to consider if you do decide to buy plants online is customer reviews. The comments left by the previous customers will give you an idea about the quality of the plants a particular sore is selling, as well as whether they offer high-quality customer service.

    Once you come across a website that sells plants, check for any customer review section on their webpages. You can also extend your search by looking into online forums and local blogs to see if other people are talking about the online store you’re planning to buy plants from. The more information you have about the online seller, the easier it’ll be for you to come up with a sound decision.

2. Shipping Costs

When shopping for plants online, you should also look at shipping costs. Some people immediately choose to buy cheap plants online, not knowing that the shipping fee can make their purchase more expensive.

If you plan on buying plants overseas, make sure that you fully understand how much the shipping cost is, and how this cost is computed. These pieces of information are usually available in the website of the seller, but if they’re not, reach out to them and inquire.

3. Contract

The appearance of plants will change over time. Often, plants will double their size after a few weeks or months. Some plants might even start bearing fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

When buying plants online, don’t forget to read the seller’s fine print. The pictures of the plants posted online can be deceiving, and these shouldn’t be your sole basis in choosing a seller. Are you going to receive potted plants, young cuttings, or bare root plants?  What kind of growth are you expecting from the plants you’re going to buy online?  All of these questions should be answered on the contract.

Knowing what the seller’s policies are is important because it can help manage your expectations and determine if the plants you’re eyeing to buy suit your unique needs.

4. Return Policies

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t only choose a seller based on the pictures they post online or the price of their products. Most importantly, you should pay attention to the seller’s return policies. An online seller who offers such speaks volume about their legitimacy and the quality of their products.

When buying plants online, look for sellers who offer generous return policies. Your shopping experience will be more enjoyable if you chose a seller who accepts returns, offers exchanges within the first 30 days of the products’ arrival, and refunds you or sends you a new plant immediately.

The return policies of the seller are vital because these can affect the value you get for your money and the convenience you can experience when shopping.

5. Your Living Space

Shopping plants online can be very convenient as you don’t have to take the public transportation or drive your car to a physical store. You just have to visit the seller’s website, place an order or two, and wait until the plants are delivered to your doorstep.

However, buying plants online won’t allow you to see the products personally. This can become an issue as you might end up buying a plant that is too small or too big for your living space. To prevent this problem from happening when you buy plants online, measure your living space and compare the numbers to the dimension of the plants you want to own. This information will help you choose a plant that suits your living space.

Knowledge Is Power 

Buying plants online can help you save time and money, but only if you know how to narrow down your search and end up buying from reputable sellers. Keep in mind that the convenience of the World Wide Web is also the reason why more and more people are easily scammed. 

For your next, or first, online buying experience to be memorable for all the right reasons, take note and follow all of the tips presented in this article. It’ll be easy for you to get the best deals when buying plants online if you know what to consider in the first place. 



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