Getting Married? 12 Money-Saving Tips You Should Know About

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Whether you’re getting married in a small ceremony with close friends or going all out with a huge celebration, weddings can be quite expensive. You probably have to dip into your hard-earned savings to pay for the wedding of your dreams. While you wouldn’t want to settle with a mediocre dress or a shabby venue, there are still ways to plan a fabulous wedding without breaking the bank. ( Here is how you can save money at weddings.

  1. Pick a Weekday Wedding Date

Most wedding venues will be in high demand during summer weekends. You can save money at weddings simply by getting married on a weekday or in the winter. 

2. Get Your Own Booze

Instead of asking the venue to source wine for your wedding, you should get your own booze. Most venues charge ‘corkage,’ which is a fee you have to pay the venue for serving booze bought by you. You can easily buy mead online at great prices. Even if you have to pay corkage, you will be able to save a good amount by buying booze in bulk. 

3. DIY Invitations & Place Cards

Sending wedding cards is lovely but also an expensive hassle. Also, wedding cards are extremely wasteful. Skip traditional invitation cards, and send your guests e-vites. You can design them yourself, and it won’t cost a thing! Another stationery item you can DIY is place cards. 

4. Borrow, Don’t Buy

If you were planning to pay for the outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider borrowing. Instead of buying dresses, shoes, and accessories for one-time wear, rent them to save money at weddings.

5. Get a Vintage Dress

If you’ve started shopping for a wedding dress, you already know how expensive wedding dresses can be. But why buy something designer when you can achieve an elegant look with a vintage piece? In addition to being a lot more affordable, a pre-loved dress can also be your ‘something old.’ 

6. Ask Your Friends & Family

Is your cousin a talented baker? Is your aunt a hairdresser? Does your brother have an eye for flower arrangements? You can ask your friends and family to do different tasks for your wedding instead of getting you a wedding present. 

7. Shop Around 

From caterers to makeup artists, don’t hire the first vendor you talk to. Shop around and ask various vendors for price quotes. Compare these quotes to find the most affordable option. 

8. Cut Back On Flowers

We’re not suggesting you get rid of flowers, but you should consider alternatives to save more. Using a combination of candles and paper flowers for the table centerpiece. If you’re determined to have fresh flowers, then stick to seasonal and local flowers instead of exotic options.

9. Opt For a Buffet or Food Truck

A formal sit-down meal is not only pricey but also kind of boring. Make it casual and fun with a food truck or buffet. 

10. Make Your Own Photobooth

Photo booths have become an essential feature of weddings. You can make it on your own at a much lower cost. All you need is a ring light, polaroid camera, and props, all of which you can buy online at discounted rates.

11. Serve Cake as Dessert

There is no point in having a separate dessert when you have an extravagant tiered wedding cake.

12. Hire a Local Band

Why hire an overpriced DJ when you can do a great job of making a playlist for the reception? If you want to dance the night away, consider hiring a local band for live music. 

Final Words

Yes, all the fancy flowers and decor are going to look beautiful, but at the end of the day, saying ‘I do’ to your partner is the only thing that matters. So, use the aforementioned tips to lower your expenses and avoid going into debt as newlyweds.


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