Facts about Arizona Phoenix Bark Scorpions

Bark Scorpions

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is one of the most dangerous species in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities that are seen in light brown colour and reside in arid/ semi-arid regions. If you are a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, it is essential to understand these species of scorpions as they pack a toxic sting that can cause a wide range of symptoms, harmful for children and older adults. This article is all about knowing the unknown facts about Bark Scorpions.

  1. Can climb through rough surfaces

Bark scorpions are capable of climbing on rough surfaces like wood, trees, and other objects. They find it hard to climb on smooth surfaces like windows, tiles, etc. These scorpions are found active during the evening or night when the temperature is cooler. Hence it would be best if you were very cautious when you are outside your home. Make sure you wear shoes when outdoors. Walking barefoot on the ground, especially when there is low lighting can be dangerous to you. 

  1. They live as groups and can be aggressive

Arizona bark scorpions live in a group of 20 or more. If you see one of them, then you can expect to see the rest of the group nearby. This adds to their danger and to add on top of it; things can go worse, especially when they are aggressive. Simply being close to them can provoke them and put yourself at high risk of a sting. If you find one, immediately call the pest control if there is a nest nearby. 

  1. Their toxic sting

As mentioned above, these bark scorpion carry a toxic sting which on exposure can send a healthy adult to the hospital. The situation can go even worse when the sting comes in contact with sick or people with a weak immune system. Be careful to take care of yourself when you are camping or travelling outdoors in Phoenix, AZ. 

  1. Hard to kill, but possible to stop

Like all other scorpions, the Arizona Bark Scorpions has a long history dating back before the dinosaurs. With the help of responsible pest and scorpion control, you can get rid of scorpions and use pest treatments to kill off the food source. Scorpions can’t sustain on crumbs. If they can’t find their prey in your home, they will typically leave. 

  1. Gestation period of several months

Arizona bark scorpions have a more extended gestation period which usually lasts for several months. They are gently guided onto their mother’s back. The female scorpion usually gives birth anywhere from 25 to 35 young. The baby scorpions remain with their mother until their first molt, which can be up to 3 weeks after birth. Arizona bark scorpions have a 6-year life expectancy. 

The final word

Bark scorpions have a unique protein in their armour that causes them to glow in a bright neon blue when exposed to UV light. You can use a dark flashlight to spot these Phoenix bark scorpions easily. 


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