5 Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Oil for Your Pet

CBD oil popular among pet owners

Our pets may occasionally suffer from some unpleasant health issues such as pain, post-traumatic stress, inflammation, skin disorders, excessive fur loss, etc. If you want your pets to improve their viability or support their treatment, CBD oil can be used as a dietary supplement or optional medication. Here CBD oil is beneficial for your pets.

Why is CBD oil popular among pet owners?

We are continually looking for new options to help our pets cure health issues they may encounter. Conventional remedies have sometimes negative side effects or simply don’t provide the level of effectiveness your pet needs. 

So alternative solutions can quickly grow in popularity if they are proven to be useful. Efficiency, price, safety, ease of use, and other factors will determine whether a pet owner decides to use the product or not. Yet, both safety and efficiency should eventually stay on top of the list.

CBD oil was widely discussed in mass media and among pet owners after personal success stories were revealed. This has led to a dramatic increase in popularity of this product. However, its properties are still being investigated for a variety of applications.

Why is CBD oil good for pets?

CBD oil has been used on pets to relieve their pain, reduce seizures, relieve anxiety, treat nausea, support cancer therapy, promote heart health, stimulate appetite, and prevent inflammation. Although very few studies have been conducted on dogs for most of these applications, research is still ongoing. Some surveys suggest the potential benefits of CBD for pets with seizures and pain.

How to choose the best CBD for your pet?

Along with the fast-growing popularity of CBD oil, many manufacturers have started producing new products containing CBD compounds. Thus, many pet owners find it challenging to find high-quality CBD oil out of a pile.

If you consider CBD oil as a remedy for your pet, then the following tips will help you to choose the best product on the market:

Choose a reliable retailer 

Nowadays, one can find CBD oil top brands almost on every corner, from vape shops to supermarkets. A majority of users order the best CBD oil online. Yet, it is not a matter of where you purchase the product, but rather of a reliable retailer. Such as kingkanine makes great cbd pet products.

Whether you are looking for the reputable cbd brands for your pet, a trusted source is the first step on your way of choosing a high quality product. Ask for advice from a professional you can rely on or order a CBD oil directly from the manufacturer.

 reliable retailer

Check ingredients 

Although CBD oil has become widespread in recent years, the industry still lacks FDA regulation. Ensure you get an organic product with a permitted THC level that does not contain any added sugars and wheat flour. 

A high-quality product should have no synthetic or chemical ingredients that can harm your pet’s body. 

Choose a full-spectrum CBD oil

You may come across a lot of different forms of CBD oil, like a full-spectrum product or isolate. Yet, a full-spectrum CBD oil is considered the most natural kind of compound among all available on the market.

Request a Certificate of Excellence

If you are looking for the best brand of CBD oil, it should certainly provide you with a Certificate of product analysis before you buy it. This document contains all the details about the CBD and THC levels in the oil. The lower the amount of THC, the better the CBD oil’s quality. 

Choose the Right Dose

Pets can be very picky, especially concerning drug use. Therefore, you can add CBD oil to your dog’s or cat’s food or drip it on dry forage.

The CBD oil dosage depends on the weight of your pet. As a food supplement, it is recommended to start with one drop of 2% CBD oil 1-2 times a day. For larger animals, it is fine to use 2-3 drops of remedy 1-2 times a day.

After a week of using CBD oil, you should see the first results of maintenance therapy. The dosage of CBD hemp oil can then be increased if necessary.

If you consider using CBD for treatment of a serious disease, we recommend you to start over with a low dose of 5% or even 10% of remedy. The dosage is always specific to the different symptoms of the disease.

Keep in mind that CBD with a higher THC level than the permitted amount (0.3%) may cause side effects.

Wrapping up 

Whether you are looking for the best CBD oil for anxiety or a high-quality compound for your pet, it is worth making an investigation first. Although the CBD oil has become a universal remedy, some people run into the problem of choosing a high-quality product.

We hope our tips will lead you in the right direction to support your pets’ health issues when needed. 


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