How to Make Money as a Model on Gay Cams

Make Money as a Model on Gay Cams

Nowadays anyone can make money directly from home. Working online has never been more accessible. What if you don’t like being someone’s virtual assistant or website manager? How can you make easy money then? For any hot boys who wouldn’t mind showing off their sexy bodies online, camming is for you. 

What is Gay Camming? 

As part of the sex industry, live video streaming has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. With major companies creating mimicking bedrooms for their models and providing them with the necessary camera and recording equipment, anyone can get into it. 

Camgirls and guys (more formally known as webcam models) are types of video performers who entertain visitors by performing sexual acts on the internet. Videos are streamed live through a webcam while models perform stripping, masturbating, and other erotic acts while paying customers watch. 

Videos of the recording can also be sold online by the model for extra income. With millions of monthly viewers, being a camgirl or guy is quite the lucrative business. 

Gay camming is specifically aimed towards the homosexual community. Gay men will perform sexual acts that specifically appeal to other homosexuals. It’s just as lucrative and has a huge following (excuse the pun). Read more about this guy’s life as a cam boy and how he made a living through exhibitionism:

How to Make Money as a Gay Webcam Model? 

For any man interested in becoming a paid webcam model there are a few basic things you need to know. Let’s take a closer look. 

Private or Company

Your first choice would be whether you want to work as a private entity from your home or sign up through a company. There are loads of sites who are currently hiring gay webcam models. If you are of the relevant age and have internet connection and a webcam then you are locked and ready to roll. 

Working through a company will give you much more exposure, but it will mean that you have to give a percentage of your income to the live camming site. A small percentage to pay to be on a big platform though. As you’ll struggle to get your foot in the door when you try to market yourself. 


Although there aren’t any hiring or interview process to go through, there are a few basic requirements potential candidates have to adhere to. You need to:

  • Computer and Webcam: Your only basic equipment requirements are a working computer and high functioning webcam. As long as your computer can run Flash on Windows, then you’ll be able to record your sexual performances life. Webcams are recommended to be HD for better broadcasting quality
  • Have well-connected Wi-Fi: Nothing irritates paying clients more than when their model has bad connection speed. You should invest in a high-speed internet that will guarantee high quality video recordings
  • Be 18 years or older: In order to be a legal gay webcam model you have to present a legal form of identification in order for you to perform under federal law. For more information on webcamming laws and regulations, read this article
  • Have loads of accessories: In the same way that YouTubers create quality content for their audience you should too. This means that you should have loads of sex props, outfits, toys, and lotions/lubes. Especially if you have viewers with specific fetishes, you will need to have the relevant accessories to keep your paying customers satisfied. A popular toy amongst gay webcam models are anal butt plugs and loads of creamy lubrication oils
  • Performance Ready: In order for a gay camboy to make a good income it’s not only about looks and penis size. Models should be willing to cater to different fetishes, host quality performances, and handle customers with respect and care

Sexual Orientation

It isn’t necessary for a male model to be gay in order to perform for a gay audience. Gorgeous men will typically attract a gay audience and this might require you to perform some gay acts. Even though straight men aren’t required to perform sexual gay acts, they will be catering to gay men and therefore they should perhaps consider broadening their repertoire. 

Performing with a Partner

Some users enjoy watching models with partners, but whether you want to introduce a second party into your private bedroom is completely up to you. Performing as a solo gay man might be a bit limited, since most live webcam sites offer boy and girl camming or solo girl. 

Do remember that if you decide to introduce a partner into your show, that they should also be identification verified to be able to perform legally in gay webcam shows with you. 

How Much Money Can I Make as a Male Webcam Model? 

Most companies offer their models a performance-based income. This means that you’ll get a salary based on how much customers you attract and how many shows you perform on a weekly basis. There are many different ways to make money on these sites. Either through tipping, chatting in public chats, or luring in members for private chats that are charged by the minute.

At the moment, the male market isn’t as large, but it is increasing with more sites opening up and more gay men demanding some eye candy on live cam shows. 

As long as you are passionate and enjoy what you’re doing, the money will start rolling in. 


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