Choosing Radiators to Match Your Interior Design: 5 Tips

Radiators to Match

There is nothing worse than a tastefully decorated room marred by old-fashioned, unattractive radiators that interfere with the intended aesthetic. Therefore, if you are redecorating, you might want to give your radiators to match a facelift as well. Alternatively, it might be time to replace them with a more modern design.

With so many radiator manufacturers, it seems that your design options are endless. Given a myriad of choices, how will you make the correct one? Here are some factors that should feature radiators to match in your decision:


Before browsing the exciting radiator options that you will choose from, consult your heating solutions company first. They will advise you which stylish and elegant electric radiators will work with your current heating system and how effective they are. BestElectricRadiators professionals do a thorough heating system inspection before discussing radiator choices with the client.

You need a qualified professional to tell you where radiators should be installed, whether they will require changes to your current heating system’s piping, and what size you should choose.

The latter needs to correlate with the room size. A heating solutions company might recommend installing two smaller, strategically located radiators in a room instead of one large unit.

Explore your options

Radiators come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colours. This allows you to find one that enhances your interior décor vision. Among the materials you can choose from are aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, highly polished steel, and glass.

Designs range from resembling traditional radiators to modern designs made to look like anything but a radiator. Therefore, there is something for everyone, whether your style is vintage, farm style, minimalist, contemporary, funky, or anything in between.

Ask your heating systems expert about availability, which is a factor if you have left things a little late, and winter is fast approaching. Additionally, get their opinion on the functionality of different materials to advise you on which ones work best.


Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, it is time to start researching your options. Start with specifications such as size to ensure that what you are interested in will fit into the available space.

Some radiators have a sleek design aimed to minimize how much space they occupy. Others are bulkier and intended to work as an interior décor centrepiece or focal point.

Next, find information about energy efficiency. An aesthetically pleasing radiator is all well and good, but not if it will send your energy bill sky high. Some materials work more efficiently as heating conductors than others. While overall appearance might be a deciding factor, ensure that it uses minimal energy while offering optimal heating.

Think ahead

While the radiator you choose must be something you find attractive, remember that you might not end up staying in your home long-term. A sudden change, such as a new job, could see you putting your home on the market far sooner than you might expect. Think about how other people might view your selected radiator. Something too outlandish might not appeal to them.

Even if you do not move, your interior décor style or preferences might change in the next few years. Instead of starting from scratch and choosing new radiators, select something versatile that will match various interior design styles.

It might be best to go for something elegant yet understated as you can redecorate around it without the radiator clashing with anything.

Get a second opinion

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing a new radiator from the wide selection on offer. However, before committing to anything, get a second opinion from someone you trust. It might be your heating company specialist, a close friend, family member, or someone with interior design experience.

A second pair of eyes evaluating your choice should not be underestimated. Whereas you can only see the positives of your proposed selection, someone else might point out some disadvantages you will face if you choose it.

Letting someone else be the ‘voice of reason’ will prevent an impulse purchase you might come to regret later. However, if you still feel that your preferred radiator is ‘the one’, buy it knowing that you made an informed choice.


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