Cheap Place to Travel to Plan Your Next International Vacation

cheap place to travel

With the ongoing pandemic and all of us having to stay at home for months, trips can be relaxing and refreshing. Indeed, apart from checking out all the sanitary factors, it is also essential to choose a place that suits your budget. So, if you’re looking for a cheap place to travel, scroll down. We have made a list of 15 places that are exotic destinations with an extraordinary beauty to please your eyes. Also, we have got for you a list of characteristics you need to consider while choosing the cheap places to travel internationally. So, check them all out below!

Cheap Place to Travel

Choosing a cheap place to travel isn’t a difficult task to do. Here is a list of all the possible destinations that are budget-friendly and have a beautiful scenic beauty. So, let’s not waste much time in finding out what each of the cheap place to travel are:


Thailand has made it to the list of cheap places to travel in Asia for all the reasons. All the exotic beaches, idyllic islands, delicious cuisine, and adventurous sports are available in Thailand at a low price. If you love staying away from crowded places, you can take a bike at cheap costs and sneak into the outskirts of this country. A small backpack and some comfy clothes are enough to explore the adventurous places in Thailand. But don’t forget to carry your swimming trunks because the beautiful sea-green beaches will not let you sit on the banks for long.

cheap place to travel thailand

South Africa

When planning your trip to South Africa, don’t forget to plan out a safari there. Also, visit the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to have a look at the white rhino and go on an adventurous hiking experience at the Drakensberg. But when visiting South Africa, staying a few days in Cape Town is a must.

This country has a diversity of cultures. You can experience the natural exotic beauty, beautiful landscapes, and try out adventurous sports on the sand. The culture of South Africa is also something that you’ll love experiencing!

cheap place to travel


Although there has been a drastic change that Vietnam has been experiencing for centuries, the place still attracts numerous visitors from around the world.

The country has a diverse culture from the beautiful countryside, incredible waterways, serene paddy fields in Mekong Delta, limestone karsts in the north, exotic beaches, and frantic cities in between.

Also, the cuisine is tasty, and you can afford it at very cheap costs. You can go around the city with a backpack and discover Vietnam.

cheap place to travel


Have you been to Argentina or Brazil? If you have, then you’ll love this beautifully curated place- Uruguay. Some tasty food, serene blue beaches, exotic wildlife, and quiet sands are all attractions you can experience at your visit in this South American country – Uruguay.

The Latin American country has a beautiful scenic beauty and is also the birthplace of Tango. Also, the nightlife of Uruguay is fantastic and quite fun to be around. So, next time you’re making a list of each of the cheap places to travel, make sure you have Uruguay on that list.


The recent relations between the United States and Cuba are growing strong. So, you can plan up your trip to the Caribbean islands and see how the culture of Cuba prevails. Moreover, the place is yet not visited by too many tourists so, before you find the prices of Cuba going up, start planning your trip soon.

You can put on your salsa shoes and visit the clubs in Havana to experience the foot-tapping music and lovely dance moves. Also, if you’re a beach lover, you can dip your foot into the Caribbean Sea at the Varadero beach. No matter how relaxing you want to feel after leaving Cuba, the exciting things to do there will leave you completely exhausted.

cheap place to travel cuba

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is still one of the cheap places to travel in Europe. You can plan out your bachelor party in this place and drown yourself in some cheap beer. The city is an amalgamation of natural, cultural, and historic beauty. You can try going around the city on foot and explore the historic beauty of Prague. Of course, the meals are also something you will relish and remember all your life. So, if you want a cheap place to travel in Europe, Prague is the place you should be!


Who doesn’t like to visit the land of blue waters and white sands? Well, Greece has become quite affordable in recent years because of the downfall in the economic conditions.

You can try staying in a few islands and try to compare the prices of your hotels in Greece. It might not seem very low, but they are quite affordable if you plan out your trip strategically. The land of white sands and blue waters is like a picturesque destination that can leave anyone who visits this place in awe. So, start planning you are itinerary and visit the exotic islands to have an experience of a lifetime.


Guatemala is a mixture of colonial legacies, natural beauty, and Mayan traditions. If you wish to learn Spanish at the lowest cost, then Guatemala is undoubtedly a place for you to be. Once you’ve mastered your Spanish skills, hop into the famous camionetas or also known as the chicken buses to explore the beauty of Guatemala. First, visit the Antigua which is in the southernmost part of this country, and then visit the Maya temples situated at Tikal that’ll keep you spellbound. You can also try to expand your trip from here to Central America, which also has some spectacular beauty in wait for you.

guatemala cheap place to travel


Bulgaria is often not made it to the list for cheap places to travel in Europe. But the truth is you can visit all the beaches in Bulgaria at quite affordable rates.

Once in Bulgaria, you can visit all the old towns that’ll take you back into centuries. Also, the ancient Plovdiv and Varna present at the coasts are the best places to be when in Europe. Alongside, you can witness the mountain ranges that are perfect for you to try out trekking or even explore on a bike.


If you’re looking for the best and cheap place to travel Portugal always tops the list. Moreover, if you don’t want to visit and stay in crowded places like Spain, Portugal is undoubtedly a great place to be. Also, you can visit the Alentejo coast, to consume some fresh seafood at affordable costs. Try visiting the cool city of Lisbon and explore the ultimate beauty of Portugal.

portugal cheap places to travel


If you want to witness rainforests, deserts, mountains, and lakes together, then Bolivia is indeed the country to visit in Central America. The Bolivian cultures include its clothing, religion, and music, which is traditional. You can try planning your trip to Bolivia during the time of its exciting carnival ‘El Carnaval de Oruro’.

Also, if you love sports like football, then you can experience the play that goes on the streets of Bolivia. This country surely has something special for everyone who visits this place!



Even though you have a constricted budget, nothing can stop you from going to the land of tequila, paella, and tacos. Isn’t that great news? You can visit a vibrant country and enjoy all the exciting events that happen around the city. When visiting this cheap place, don’t forget to have some of the foods you can find on the streets of Oaxaca or try to swim in the clear cenote. Mexico is a country that has so much to offer that you will keep wanting to come back here for more!

Mexico cheap place to travel

New Orleans – USA

One of the cheapest places to fly to is New Orleans. You cannot run away from what each corner of this place offers. The musical heritage that this place offers is extraordinary and unexplainable. You don’t have to spend much on beer or coffee to experience the lovely music this place offers. But the city corners have some tasty and mouthwatering sugar-dusted beignets that bring people back to this place.There are so many best places to stay when visiting the US, so make sure to check them out before you make your decision.

cheap place to travel


Laos boasts of some great monasteries, tribal culture, and some French colonial cultures. This is a budget-friendly destination that has the exotic Luang Prabang and calm riverside of Nong Khiaw.

At Laos, you can stay in a bungalow by the watersides at affordable costs. More so, during your stay you will be amazed to see the small boats traveling around the karst. Also, paying a visit to the morning markets is quite rare to find and very exciting to watch. Laos also offers some extraordinary food that will surely leave your tastebuds stirred.


The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa that boasts of the lovely beaches it has. But you cannot miss out on visiting the other delights this place offers. Try visiting the Chimp Rehabilitation Centre that is present on the River Gambia National Park. Here you will be able to watch the primates who live in their typical habitats. Also, if you love bird watching, visit the Baobolong Wetland Reserve but remember to be there during sunset to enjoy the atmosphere thoroughly.


What Specifies a Cheap Place to Travel?

Since you now know what the cheapest places to travel internationally are, you need to consider specific points while selecting the place to visit.

Here is a list of all the characteristics you must keep in mind while selecting a cheap place to travel. Check out the following:

Budget-Friendly attractions

It would be best if you make sure all the attractions you visit are according to your budget. You can start by checking out if they have tickets or passes to enter the interests.

Cheap Lodging

Lodging is a significant factor when thinking of visiting a place. You can live in palaces or stay in hotels that offer a great view and yet are available at cheap costs. So, always check out what the hotel options are. Booking your hotels beforehand can also save you some money.

Cheap Transportation

When you’re deciding on visiting a place, you need to make sure you check out what the cheapest options for transportation are. If you can book a bike or live closer to the center, you can walk around the place to save on some money.

Good street food

Visiting a high-end restaurant is always going to be expensive. So, check out if the place you’re visiting has good food options that are available on the streets. But always remember to check out if they are hygienic or not because no one would like to fall ill on a trip.

Best option for your arrival

Another significant factor you need to keep in mind is that choosing the best options for your arrival. If you want you can check out going to the place by plane, bus, boat, train or underground rail which one is cheaper and easier to avail.

Indeed, all the places you choose to pay a visit will not have all the options mentioned above readily available for you. But if you select the place and see more than one-factor matching your requirements, you can settle for that.

Final Thoughts

As you now know what all the beautiful, extraordinary, exotic, and cheap places to travel to are international, planning your itinerary will not be difficult at all. But always remember to consider the characteristics mentioned above to choose the best place that suits your budget.

You can also check out what the peak season and off-seasons are of the place you are visiting. That’s because during the offseason there are certain discounts which you can avail. So, do plan your itinerary with the places mentioned above and let us know which is the place you’re going to visit next in the comment section below.


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