The Importance of Quality Salon Furniture

The Importance of Quality Salon Furniture

In the year 1888, the very first hair salon was established in Rochester, New York by Martha Harper. She used her life savings of $360 and catered hair trimming services to both men and women. Her salon only had a simple interior design using simplistic furniture to serve her customers.

Going to the new age of hair salons, not only do they look futuristic and appealing to customers, but also provide new services as well. These services may include nail trimming, spa services, or massage services.

They have wonderful equipment and good furniture to lure them in. Most of them would consider a salon that has good interior design and this includes salon furniture. Let us discuss about some of the important furniture needed inside a salon that would help gain more customers.

Barber Chairs

In order for you to provide excellent customer service, it is important to consider the comfort of your customers. A nice barber chair would allow you to do these things. If the customer sits on your barber chair and feels that he or she is sitting on such a comfortable place, your salon would surely be recommended by your customer.

We do know that when there are more customers coming, money will come flowing into your pocket. We do know that the purpose of a barber chair is to give comfort to your customers while they are being treated. But, there are other purposes for this type of furniture. It also sets the tone and vibe to your place.

There are factors to be considered when choosing your barber chair. These factors are:

  • Client and Barber comfort

◦ Both the client and barber should be comfortable. The client should feel like a king or queen when in the chair. The barber should not have a hard time while servicing the customer.

  • Material of Chair

◦ Chrome and Cast Aluminum are good examples of the metal portions of your barber chair. Use high quality vinyl instead of leather or clear fabrics.

  • Quality and Durability

◦ Make sure that your selected barber chair can stand the test of time. A quality barber chair is usually at a high cost but, it also has high durability. It would give you a high money gain

  • Aesthetic

◦ This depends on the style you are going for. You can go vintage, sporty, classic, or modern. When going for color schemes, make sure that the colors jive together. You don’t want a chair that looks like you want to throw it away as soon as you have purchased it.

  • Functionality

◦ A good barber chair should have a lot of functions. With good functions, comes better service. These functions include the chair reclining, height adjustments, and weight adjustments.

  • Budget

◦ Before buying a barber chair, you must do research in order to know the its capabilities. There may be cheaper chairs that can do a lot of functions or there could be expensive chairs that could provide best comfort. It is important to plan with regard to this factor.

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance

◦ You want your barber chair to always look brand new. For that to happen, you need to always maintain the cleanliness of your chair. High quality chairs like vinyl could be maintained by using a vinyl cleaner.

Beauty Beds

Hair salons today are providing a lot of services for their customers. The reason for this is because customers today want to get pampered in one place. That is why SPA and massage services were added to their available services.

To cater to these types of services, a beauty bed is needed to be purchased. This purchase would also help with the increase in money flow of your hair salon because you can now take on a lot of new services. But there are also things to be considered when buying a beauty bed. These are as follows:

  • Functionality and Customer Satisfaction

◦ Purchasing a top grade beauty bed is better than purchasing a lower class bed. When it comes to this type of business, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. When the customer is satisfied with your services, he or she will always come back. Not only that, they will spread the news to their friends that you have a great place. Thus, more money flow. 80% of hair salons with top grade beauty beds are now growing even more. It is something worth noting of.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness

◦ Nobody likes a messy bed. It is always important to maintain the cleanliness of the beauty bed. Imagine if you are having a massage or SPA service and your bed is full of nail clippings or hair trimmings. You would get turned off and not return to the salon.

  • Design of the Bed

◦ The design of the bed would really help not only to the comfort of the customer, but also to the salon’s appearance. With great design, more customers will get attracted to your salon and go there to have their requested service done

  • Size of the Bed

◦ Not everyone is of the same size. Although this is a small factor, it is still important to consider the size of your beauty bed so that you may be able to cater to anyone.

Beauty Equipment

A salon would not be complete without its main tools, the beauty equipment. This is the most important part of your beauty furniture. If you have faulty or cheap beauty equipment, you will not be able to provide the perfect service you want your customer to experience. The examples of these are your scissors, brush, comb, make-up kit, beauty shampoos and conditioners, beauty soaps for spa services, lotion for massage services, and a lot more to name of. The important things to remember with regards to beauty equipment is that you should have a high quality of beauty equipment and to maintain it at good condition always.

These are the important salon furniture needed for your hair salon to be successful. It is important to have these so that you can make your hair salon grow into a better salon. It would also help you when you decide to open additional hair salon establishments in the future.


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