8 Simple Wedding Ideas for the Low-Key Bride

Tips to Have a Successful Wedding

Ideally, weddings are about love, not extravagance. And love never happens the way you plan. When you’re ready for the big day, it might not be when you have a lot of money or time to put the wedding together. Besides, “go big or go home” is not for everyone, anyway. In short, there’s nothing wrong with having a simple wedding. And, if that’s what you’re after, we’re here to help. Below are some excellent simple wedding ideas to help you celebrate with significance without breaking your budget. Read on to discover more.

1. A Small, Intimate Wedding

Most people are inclined to invite everyone they’ve ever met at their wedding. But having this many guests is actually quite overrated.

A lot of them may barely remember you, making the day not that significant for them. Plus, with all the hustle and bustle of your wedding celebration, it’s doubtful you’ll remember them attending either. If you invite 1,000 people, it’s not like you’ll have time to engage with each one in any sort of meaningful way.

Why bother with (and pay for) this when you can simply invite the few people who are the most important to you? As a bonus, when you tell people that it’s a small, intimate wedding for family only, they won’t be as offended at being left out.

2. DIY Invitation Kits

Speaking of intimate, handwritten invitations aren’t just a cheap excuse to spend less on your wedding. They’re actually very personal and will be very appreciated. And, since you’re inviting not so many people, it won’t be too difficult or expensive.

3. Use Your Rich Friend’s Property

Know anyone with a lot of land/a gorgeous back yard? Ask if they’ll allow you to hold your wedding there.

Most likely, they’ll be happy to oblige as their wedding gift to you. After all, the very idea is quite a compliment to them. (Gilberteyecare)

4. Check Nice Restaurants For Wedding Venues

We’re not saying you’ll have to listen to wedding toasts over the drunken birthday party two tables down. Most nice restaurants have private rooms specifically for special occasions such as this. You’ll have privacy and full-service catering, including cleanup.

Plus, inviting fewer guests means it won’t be so expensive.

5. Try Wedding Packages

Lastly, you can give up control and try wedding packages. These can be cheaper than you think since they are already pre-planned.

It costs a lot more to hire a wedding planner with whom you customize every detail of your big day. Those who prefer a simple wedding understand that it’s their marriage and the attendees that are important, not the details.

Try These Simple Wedding Ideas

“Simple” can still mean “amazing” when it comes to your wedding day. Use these simple wedding ideas to hold the perfectly-sized celebration for your big day.

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