What Are Acoustical Drywall Supplies?

What Are Acoustical Drywall Supplies
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Many people think that soundproofing a room is only applicable if you’re constructing a recording studio or any other sound-related project. However, this technique can benefit residential and commercial properties as well since it minimizes the noise that comes in and out of a particular area in a house.

There are several approaches to soundproofing your residence or office. You can opt to install a double layer of ordinary drywall or utilize special framing and insulation methods. However, another type of drywall has been developed specifically for blocking out noise.

What Is An Acoustical Drywall?

Acoustical drywall is a sound dampening variety of wall to reduce noise transmission. It’s ideal for soundproofing walls in situations wherein it’s not viable to reframe or use other structural techniques.

The panels of traditional drywalls consist of a layer of rigid mineral gypsum that’s squeezed between paper layers. It creates a tight, dense layer that conducts vibrations well. This is why soundproofing this type of wall requires additional framing adaptations, including constructing extra thick walls and insulating cavities.

Acoustical drywalls have an inner layer that consists of gypsum, viscoelastic, and ceramics. This resilient mixture limits its ability to transmit sound waves.

Some types of acoustical drywalls have a three-layer design. They have two layers of gypsum drywall that are sandwiched around sound absorbing polymers at the center. This middle layer is likened to rubber, but it’s better at dispelling energy and sound waves than synthetic rubber or polymer. Learn more about the different types of acoustical drywall supplies by visiting legitimate resource websites.

Benefits Of Investing In Acoustical Drywalls

The most apparent advantage of installing acoustical drywalls in your home is to lessen the noise that comes in and out of your rooms. It may sound straightforward, however there are additional comforts that it can offer, such as:

  1. Increased Privacy

This type of drywall is useful if you’re building an apartment complex with houses that are right next to each other. In this setting, there’s typically only one fixture separating two homes. This can cause issues with privacy.

It can’t be helped that there may be some domestic disputes, especially between couples. Even if tenants have a relatively harmonious relationship, they’ll still be more at ease if they know that their neighbors aren’t privy to the goings-on in their house.

These panels are also useful for offices. You can install them in your meeting rooms to ensure that whatever plans you make for your company’s growth stays between you and your team.

Acoustic drywalls can help avoid this problem without having to find room in your construction budget for frames and additional walls. You can, still, follow the design and use a single wall for the rows of houses. Just make sure they’re soundproof.

  1. Easy Installation

Most acoustic panels are relatively easy to install. This means that they won’t take up too much time during the construction process, and you can stay on schedule for your target opening or moving in date.

The drywalls can be mounted using magnets or metal plates, among others. If you’re a tenant and you want to add these panels into your room or home, ask the property owner’s permission first. Determine whether they’re fine if you do it yourself or they want professionals to install the panels.

  1. Improved Comfort

Reducing noise that comes into your room can boost the comfort that you and your family experience at home. For instance, if you have a home theater, you can contain the sounds with acoustic drywalls. This way, the racket won’t reach the sleeping quarters where the other occupants want peace and quiet.

  1. Decreased Stress

Some people are light sleepers. This means that any type of noise, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, can disturb their slumber. It can pose graver problems if the resident has insomnia and leads to feelings of stress, especially if the source of the sound is relatively out of their control.

Installing acoustic panels can alleviate this problem. It can reduce the stress and anxiety that you feel whenever a neighbor blasts their music player to the highest volume at midnight. You can ensure a good night’s rest every time without having to keep on complaining to the property owner or manager.


Acoustic drywalls are useful for keeping noise in or out, depending on the room where you’re installing them. Unlike regular panels, they have a middle layer that contains sound-dampening materials to avoid dispersing sound waves.

With this, you can increase privacy for your home or office and boost the comfort that you feel in each room with acoustic panels. It can also reduce stress, especially for people who are sensitive to noise. Plus, these drywalls are easy to install as well.



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