10 Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Decorating a Rental Home

Decorate your Rental Home

What would have happened if Monica never decorated her rental home? We probably never would have got the iconic frame and the outstanding decoration inspiration. Read on to find the ten essential things to keep in mind when you decorate your rental home.

A rental home can be personalized, very effortlessly, by keeping a few things in mind. While there can be restrictions for your landlord about certain things, fret not! We brought together all the things you need to know while decorating your rental home. The home decor can depend on the rental location, as the weather plays a significant role in deciding the room decor. For instance, if you live in a cool area/city, you might want to incorporate warm elements in your room decor. Let us assume you live in a room for rent in San Francisco, which has its fair share of hot and cold weather conditions. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while decorating a rental home. 

Don’t rush while decorating your room rental. Sit back and take some time. Image Source: Canva

  1. Discuss with your landlord

Many landlords are strict about making significant changes to the rental property. Before you plan how to decorate your rental home, it is best to talk to your landlord about the changes you can make. You may also read the lease agreement thoroughly. If you plan to live in the rental for a long time, you might make a few significant changes in agreement with your landlord. You may wish to get the finalized terms on paper to avoid any conflict in the future. 

2. Plan a budget 

If you live in a room for rent in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, or any such expensive city, planning a budget for your rental room decor would be a great help. You may keep the budget concise to avoid overspending on room decor.  On a side note, if you are still house-hunting in San Francisco, you may resort to finding rooms for rent in San Francisco online or, for that matter, in any other city conveniently using a roommate finder. 

3. Draft a decor layout

Having a room decor plan in place before you start to shop and decorate your rental home would help you shop efficiently. If you are moving to a rental home, you may click pictures of the empty space to get an idea of your new home’s aesthetics while planning and visualizing the decor. 

4. Shop Smart

One of the mistakes that most people commit is shopping hastily, as it would waste your time and money. It will help if you plan what to buy and where to buy it from, depending on the budget. While it is best to invest in portable furniture, you may also want to consider renting the heavy furniture online and buy only what’s necessary. Also, where you plan to buy your furniture and decorations play a huge role here. You can buy decorations online or from a garage sale or flea market. You may wish to avoid buying second-handed upholstered furniture as they come with tiny little bug friends. 

5. Look for cheaper alternatives.

A rented home is temporary, and spending way too much on its decoration is not the wisest decision. You may try to find cheaper alternatives to decorate your rental home. Especially if you live in a rented room in San Francisco, which could be relatively expensive now, looking for cheaper alternatives for expensive decoration would help you save a lot of money. Moreover, you can also consider DIY home decor ideas that channelize California vibes while you rent a room in San Francisco.

6. Don’t over personalize 

Don’t neglect the fact that the rental is a temporary accommodation and you may have to move out sooner or later. Over-personalizing can be a decision you might regret as it would cost you more, and there won’t be much space for growth. Moving out calls for experimenting, and creating a replica of the room you had back home would get boring at some point in time. 

7. Invest in temporary fixtures

Fixtures like faucets, lampshaded, and showerheads can be installed and replaced relatively efficiently. Since you can’t make any permanent change in the rental, you can replace these small fixtures and revamp your rental. You may also install new lighting fixtures that do not require any complex wiring change. The reason why temporary fixtures are better is that you can replace them with the old ones when you move out. 

8. Focus on small changes

We have a theory that small changes can bring significant differences. You can’t change the wallpaper or the wall color, but you can use wall decals and removable wall stickers to upgrade the bare white walls. These small changes are necessary to add an edge to your room rental. You don’t want to mess with the landlord if you plan on finding a suitable room for rent in San Francisco, as there are quite strict tenant laws in California about these changes. 

9. Make the best of what you got.

Don’t let the sun-lit windows go to waste. Make sure you make the best of what you got in the rental. You may use such features of the room rental to upgrade your temporary home. Adding curtains that would enhance the windows would be a great choice. 

10. Pour out your creativity.

It is your rental, and you can put your creativity by implementing ideas of your imagination. You may revamp the old furniture you have or take up a DIY project to decorate your room rental. 

We know that rooms for rent in San Francisco, Washington, and New York can be really expensive, and having an additional budget for decor might not be possible for all. In such cases, you may avoid buying it altogether. You can take baby steps towards the room decor and even resort to buying decorations from flea markets. Decorating a rental can undoubtedly be tricky, but keeping these minute yet vital pointers in mind could be of immense help. You can always personalize the steps depending on your budget and tenure in the rental. 



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