Get Nostalgic – Old School RuneScape

Get Nostalgic – Old School RuneScape

If a massively multiplayer online role-playing game fascinates you, consider joining OSRS or popularly called the Old School RuneScape. It was in the year 2008 that Jagex, the developer, launched the game. Over a period, the game saw several improvements to the engine, content, and quality of life. The in-game polls decide most of the decisions. Irrespective of the slow update system and smaller developing team, the OSRS has a more significant player database than the original RuneScape. The company further released a mobile version of the game in 2018 for Android and iOS.


The primary mechanics are point and click. The Old School RuneScape requires a player to control a single character, although they can interact with objects, NPCs, and other entities of the game world. They can carry the interaction using the left-click or by selecting the option from the right-click menu. The possibility of opening the menu changes with the selected object, as many are in the gaming world.  The company makes a profit using the membership it collects from the players. Additionally, the subscription allows users to access the pay-to-play content.

The Ironman Mode

The Old School RuneScape is offering the Ironman Mode, where it bars players from performing an economic transaction with other players. In this mode, the players cannot pick up items dropped by other players, left things on the ground, and those sold to stores. It is a challenging mode to play the game and survive. It allows a player to have a solo experience by exploring the gaming world.

Deadman Mode

The Old School RuneScape released the Deadman Mode in 2015. The mode allows player combat versus open-world players. If a player kills the other, he/she receives a key that opens the chest of the victim’s account to collect all the items.

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Buying or Selling

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A Cost-Effective Path

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