5 Unexpected Moving Delays

Unexpected Moving

Whether moving just a few blocks down or to a different state, the task of relocating your home is a challenging undertaking. With a list of endless tasks and numerous arrangements to make, it is strongly recommended to carefully plan out your move ahead of time, trust me it makes all the difference. Read on to find five unexpected moving delays.

It is tricky to know what size of the truck you need for your move. You do your best to estimate how many items you have, but once packed you end up with way more boxes that unfortunately don’t fit in the moving truck. That is one of the common situations many come across which results in moving delays. To best avoid this from occurring, try and be very detailed with your inventory to be as accurate as possible when determining the size of the truck you’ll need to haul away all of your belongings.

This is just one of many unexpected moving situations that can take place on your move day, even to the most organized of us. Many of us can be excellent planners, but the lack of experience can turn this stressful task even worse on the big day. The best way to avoid many of the complications is leaving all the heavy lifting to the professional movers that are trained in overcoming any obstacles that might get in the way on your big day. After further research I came up with 5 unexpected moving delays and tips on how to deal with them during your moving process:

1. Bad Weather Conditions 

Even the best-planned move can’t prevent natural weather conditions such as snowfall, heavy rain, and intense heat. All you can do is make sure to follow the forecast and get an idea of weather conditions on your move day, prepare extra tools and supplies on hand making your transition easier. Hiring an experienced moving company can make all of this so much easier, and hazardous weather conditions won’t pose a risk to the professional movers ready to overcome any obstacles.

2. Accidents and Injuries

As careful as you try to be moving furniture and boxes by yourself, there may be instances where you or your family members might get hurt during the moving process. One of the solutions to prevent this from happening is to hire professional movers to do all the heavy lifting. Since these are expert movers, therefore they are trained and fully aware of what they’re doing, practicing safety precautions every day, to ensure the safest relocation and handling of your belongings so injuries and accidents are less likely to occur. Or you can gather a few family members or friends to help with the lifting of heavy furniture.

3. Losing Important Documents

Many times when moving, you’re not really thinking about paperwork, but it is important! Losing important documentation such as your passport, birth certificates or moving paperwork can be a huge hassle. To prevent that from happening simply buy a box or a folder to keep all your paperwork and remember to keep it with you at all times during a moving process.

4. Packing and Loading Delays

Often people mostly focus on larger furniture like sofas, tables, beds, etc, when packing. But not really on smaller items you have more of in your home, and there is where the delay in packing comes in. You miscalculated how many boxes and packing supplies you’ll need to get everything packed on time. Boxing and wrapping items is a huge task and it’s very time-consuming. Do your best in starting the packing process early on, or consider hiring a moving company, since many excellent companies offer full packing services.

5. Bad Moving Companies

The moving company you hire has a lot to do with whether your relocation will be successful or not. Not every moving company advertised out there have true professionals hired that care to make your move go without a hitch. You could end up paying hidden fees, and have your belongings damaged in the process due to the movers not practicing the right techniques. Do your research, and consult with family and friends for recommendations. 


Here are listed some of the most common situations that cause unexpected moving delays, and hopefully tips I listed helped you in planning for the worst when relocating to your new home. Just keep in mind that not everything always goes perfectly as we envisioned and that is okay, stay positive, moving is always a great experience in your life. As John Lennon said- ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re making plans’.  



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