Choosing Plano Daycare Based on Security

Plano Daycare

With many daycares around to choose from, selecting one depending on its security and safety plans is a non-negotiable factor. Since time memorial, cases of children’s abduction and injuries have been on the news now and then. That is why when choosing a Plano daycare, going for the one that assures complete safety and security of the young one is an excellent idea.

Ideally, no one deserves to lose their kids due to safety threats or just any natural occurrences. While we can all agree that some of them are better left in the hands of God, every daycare should have plans to reduce the chances of such from happening. This article addresses some of the common security and safety aspects any Plano daycare must have to ensure every kid lives to see a happy, joyful tomorrow.  

Physical Environment Safety

The physical environment is key to keeping children safe at daycare. The center should be free of sharp corners, furniture that can tip, hanging window blind cords, unprotected windows, and exposed electrical outlets. All hazardous chemicals should be away from the children’s reach. If the center has an outdoor play area, look for age-appropriate equipment without any damaged areas. A soft surface, such as mulch or unique rubber mats, prevents injury on the playground under the play equipment.

Food Handling

Daycare centers typically feed the children meals and snacks throughout the day. This often includes breast milk, pureed baby food for infants, and regular table food for toddlers and older children. Proper handling of the food prevents illness in the children. All adults handling the food should wash their hands frequently. Cold foods need to stay below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while hot foods need to be above 130 degrees Fahrenheit to limit bacterial growth. Observing the strictest and cleanest methods to handle food will reduce poisoning, choking, or some health complications to the precious ones.

Emergency Preparedness

A daycare center needs an emergency plan for unexpected incidents, such as severe weather, fire, hazardous chemical spills, and intruders. The center director and teachers should know how to handle those situations per the daycare center emergency plans. This one can be hard to implement, especially on toddlers, but the care providers should be alert to handle such misfortunes towards the kids’ ultimate safety.

Building Security

A secure building prevents unwanted adults from reaching children. The center should have limited access during daytime hours with the requirement to check-in before going into the classroom areas. A locked door with the need to buzz in guests provides greater control. Securing the site also keeps children from wandering off to dangerous places. For example, keeping the door to the daycare kitchen locked keeps a curious toddler from wandering in and being burned. A secure building will also prevent other dangerous animals from reaching out to the kids. 


The safety of the children relates to the number of quality adults supervising them. Without adequate staffing, the adults cannot keep track of the children, keep them away from potential dangers, and meet their basic needs.


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