Love, work, moving: a life story in the midst of a pandemic

life story

Everyone is tired of disturbing news, self – isolation and quarantine. To distract ourselves, we’ve collected a life story in a pandemic — about love, finding a job, having a baby, and moving to a new home that will remind you that even during a pandemic, life doesn’t stop.

So let’s begin a real life story in a pandemic.

Julia, 31

Love story begins

Nick and I met in New York in August 2018. I was doing part of my Ph. D. in chemistry at a University in the United States and sometimes came to New York for weekends. Before I left for Britain, we saw each other literally every day. And since then, we’ve been dating — almost all the time at a distance.

The last time we saw each other was in early March. I left New York when it became clear that the situation with the coronavirus would soon start to deteriorate rapidly. Nick was supposed to arrive next, but just a day before departure, they announced that the entry of foreigners to Britain was closed. This, of course, we could not assume — it was sad and insulting. But, on the other hand, we are already used to the fact that we need to make a significant effort to be together, and this situation is only distinguished by a large number of variables.

We soon began to discuss what was wrong, that despite the proximity, we do not have the right to get an urgent visa in case of illness. And they began to think what they could do about it. We have studied the laws on remote marriages and are now communicating with a lawyer on this topic.

The proposal

At the end of April, Nick proposed to me on Zoom. First, he showed me a love story video, and in the end, there was the main question. It was amazing! Now we are very happy, and it is especially pleasant to please our family and friends with good news during such an anxious period for everyone.

The long-distance relationship helped us quickly set priorities and learn to articulate all problems very clearly-this is more difficult, but also more important when communicating remotely. We talk a lot, read together, cook the same dishes, take some courses, play board games, watch movies. It helps you get closer.

The wedding is planned to take place in the South of Ireland, most likely next summer, if everything goes well with travel. And we want to live in different places, not limited to a couple of our countries — both in South America and in New Zealand, then everything will depend on work.

Job issues

Before the corona crisis, I worked for a large Britain advertising and communication group that is part of the global holding. At the end of 2019, the company had a series of cuts, including my position. I took a break to do personal things and rest, and I started actively searching for a new job in March — as it turned out, before the pandemic began.

While it was possible, I went for several face-to-face interviews. I received invitations both by recommendation and resume. 

As a result, I got a job. All the numerous interviews and tests there were held only in the format of video conferences. I liked online interviews: communicating from home, you feel calmer-provided that no one distracts, of course. For registration, you had to drive to the head office, sign the necessary documents and pick up the equipment. I can’t say that I was worried about doing this because of the virus: I’m pretty clear-headed about what’s going on, and I don’t go to extremes. Well, I have never met my colleagues with whom I now work in the same team in person.

In general, I am very happy that I was able to find a job at a time when many companies have suspended the search for new employees. It’s great that there are still employers who were able to quickly adapt to the new conditions and do not stop developing even now.

Pregnancy and moving

Before the complication of the situation with the coronavirus, I planned to give birth in Britain. But when the pandemic came, this maternity hospital was converted into an infectious diseases hospital. And our women’s clinic was also closed. 

Everyone was banned from going out — and a two-room apartment was not at all suitable for isolating me, my husband, a newborn and a cat. We decided to move to the USA as it was easier for me, our future child and my husband. He planned and prepared everything himself. And moving wasn’t easy. Check moving company reviews and ask for a Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.

Due to the coronavirus, the perinatal center has increased precautions. Only one person is allowed inside for consultations, partner deliveries are prohibited, and transfers to women in labor are also prohibited. But I still managed to get some clothes for the baby and some food for my family. After discharge, families meet women in labor on the street, only one person in a mask and gloves can go inside to help carry things out. Otherwise, all the processes remained unchanged.

In conclusion

If I had a choice, I still wouldn’t have put off getting pregnant and having a baby until the end of the pandemic. This is not a zombie Apocalypse, and those who are not at risk are almost safe-especially in regions where there are not as many cases. All this time, I took precautions, wore a mask, treated my hands with a sanitizer. But, to be honest, very few people wear masks here, even after it became mandatory by law. This was my life story in a pandemic.



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