Top Reasons To Move To South Carolina

moving to South Carolina

If you are looking for a new state in the United States to call home, chances are good you are considering the possibility of moving to South Carolina.

With its bustling economy, Southern charm, and beautiful coastline, there are a lot of reasons why moving to South Carolina could be the perfect new home for you and your family. 

If you are interested in why nearly five million Americans call South Carolina home, here are some of the reasons to consider it. 

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Enjoy the slower pace of life 

One of the many benefits of moving to South Carolina is that you will get the benefits of enjoying the quick-paced and exciting life that cities like Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston have to offer, while also being home to slow and calming rural areas and beachside communities. 

Without a doubt, South Carolina will be able to offer all the arts, culture, and entertainment while also offering the rest and relaxation of some of the top tourist destinations in the country! What more could anyone ask for in a place to call home. 

Incredible affordability 

There is no question whatsoever that your wallet will thank you if you are moving to South Carolina and live there. The cost of living is incredibly low compared to the vast majority of the United States. In fact, it is almost 13 percent lower than the national average. If you buy a home in South Carolina, you’ll always have the extra money you need to make that improvement to your home, take that lavish vacation on the other side of the world, or simply save and build upon your nest egg so that you can retire earlier than you ever thought possible. 

Quintessential southern living

While Minnesota might have the reputation of being one of the nicest places in the country, South Carolina may very well be the actual nicest place in the country. In fact, the highly regarded travel magazine Conde Nast listed South Carolina’s city of Charleston as the third friendliest city in the United States. 

Whether you’re in the cities, on the coast, or in the small towns in South Carolina, you will be welcomed with the highest level of kindness you can expect.

Beachside living 

If you haven’t spent much time in South Carolina, you might still think that you have to live in states like Florida or California. Whether it’s Folly Beach, Hilton Head, Isle of Palms, Myrtle Beach, or somewhere else along the South Carolina coast, you will soon learn that your life as a beach bum is more than possible in the Palmetto State.

And there’s a lot more than just sand and sea in South Carolina. Along with the beautiful beaches, there are countless luxury resorts and hotels, places for entertainment and dining, and much more. South Carolina is also the fisherman’s dream. If you have always wanted to live near the ocean and catch your dinner, South Carolina is the perfect place to do it.

And think about this, the Hunting Island State Park is regularly named as one of the top 25 most beautiful beaches by TripAdvisor.

Pristine natural beauty

South Carolina isn’t only one of the cheapest and most friendly states in the country, it also just happens to be one of the most beautiful! With its white sandy beaches and hundred-year-old oak trees, South Carolina has a whole lot of natural beauty for the hikers and adventurers out there. Whether you are visiting the Francis Marion National Forest, the Sand Hills State Forest, the Manchester State Forest, or any of the other fantastic options, there is simply no limit to what you can see in SC. 

IN all, there are 47 state parks that cover well over 80,000 acres of land.

Just don’t forget to bring your trusted pair of hiking boots, your backpack, and your tent or camper. You’ll probably want to stay out in the wild as long as you can! 

Warm weather 

If you are currently living in a part of the country like the Midwest or Northeast, you might feel like there is no way to ever escape the many months of frigid weather. Luckily, if you plan on moving to South Carolina you will be able to trade in your parka and snow boots for a pair of shorts and some comfortable flip flops. 

The average temperature in South Carolina is approximately 64 degrees Fahrenheit with yearly lows not dipping below the 50s. 

History buffs welcome 

One final fantastic aspect of living in South Carolina is that you are also living on some of the most historic lands in the United States. After all, South Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies that revolted from the British Crown to form the United States of America back in the 18th century.

But the history of the state goes back much further than just that. There are many incredible sights to see in downtown Beaufort, which was founded all the way back in 1711 and is the second oldest city in the entire state. Whether you are a Revolutionary War buff, a Civil War buff, or simply fascinating by the founding of this great nation, there is no end to what you can discover and learn about simply by walking down the street in your typical South Carolinian city or town. 

On top of that, because it is such a destination for history lovers, chances are good that you will be able to form a wonderful community of like-minded individuals who also have a passion for the past.


Now that you know about some of the top reasons to move to South Carolina, the only thing that is in the way of you and your new home state is actually moving there! Start looking for affordable and charming homes today to see what South Carolina has in store for you.


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