How To Digitally Protect Your Work

digitally protect your work

As your business grows, you and your assets will become more valuable. Added value often requires added protection. For the same reason insurance companies charge a higher premium for higher risk cars, business owners will take different levels of protection to ensure their identity is out of harm’s reach.

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Whether it’s renting a private business address or following the steps of Daniel Handler and creating a pseudonym, make sure your personal information stays personal. If you are not fond of creating a “stage name” you might consider hiring an individual to represent your entity and be in charge of filing for different applications. Just make sure this individual is properly represented in your articles or organization for legal and tax purposes.


Much like the Best author Daniel Handler had the Volunteer Fire Department use codes to communicate messages in his beloved adaption of A Series of Unfortunate Events, you might also want to become more protective about how you create your account codes and passwords.  Password storage is now much more manageable since there are now online tools you can use to create unique, random, and long codes for any password you need. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts in case of potential hackers.


Practice safe digital security with secured wireless networks, VPNs and secure methods of storing data. Implement powerful firewalls, regularly scheduled scans for viruses, and limit access to external software installation. These additional layers of digital security prove effective for both in the office and for a work-from-home setup.


It is worth investing in a good paper shredder, one that goes above and beyond simply cutting a paper into single strips that can easily be put back together. You can even add the extra step of blacking out sensitive data with a black stamp to conceal any highly sensitive information before shredding the documents.

Eliminate potential fear and online threats by protecting your professional business assets and your personal assets with these basic security measures.


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