Top Trends In Interior Design and Home Décor For 2020

Trendy Designs for Home

There’s still a solid couple months left in 2020 and, as usual, home design and redesign was a passionate activity undertaken by both new homeowners and people just looking to spice up the rooms of their houses. There are some trendy designs for your home decor, designer home décor can involve everything from bedding, furniture, dining room wall décor, and accent rugs to accessories like throw pillows, shams, mirrors and vases.

This market has grown steadily, including even emerging economies across the world. While tastes and customs will vary based on geographic and cultural locations, the following is a list of some of the most hot home design trends from this year:

Vintage accents

Vintage accents were a popular touch this year, functioning as strategic statement pieces that utilize everything from spooled legs and spindles to throwback furnishings from the last two centuries. 

Other vintage ideas from 2020 included mosaic floor tiles, clawfoot tubs, brass hardware, walls lined with wainscoting, groove wall paneling, geometric motifs, wooden furniture, velvet accents, crystal chandeliers, vintage rugs and pendant lights, and vintage accessories like typewriters.

Sustainable materials

Just as plant-based ingredients remain a trend in the food and beverage industry, sustainable materials are still trendy designs for Home decor. Reclaimed materials in general, as well as energy-efficient insulation and eco-friendly paint, seem to be on people’s checklists.

More specifically, the top sustainable materials in home design this year were as follows: bamboo, which is both beautiful and a renewable resource; natural stones, which are great for kitchens and baths, and considered both versatile and ecologically smart; cork, which has made an unexpected comeback as a sustainable material that can be used to aesthetically enhance walls, floors, accessories, and even insulation; textiles, such as wool, linen, and hemp; and finally, natural sunlight, the ultimate renewable energy source.

Materials like acacia and rattan have also been sustainably harvested for trendy designs for Home usage.

High-contrast décor

High-contrast decorating has been popular for a while, so it’s no surprise it made its way into a designer that can help you with some trendy designs for Home. It involves strategically pairing light and dark colors in a way that brightens the overall room. 

But there is a whole universe to high-contrast designing that goes far beyond just color: it can include contrasting different kinds of refined objects with rough objects; you can contrast elegant accessories with everyday accessories; you can blend expensive with inexpensive; and you can contrast manufactured objects with organic ones.

Patina accents

Patina is a thin layer of encrustation that forms on copper, brass, bronze, and similar metals. It has long been revered as a special kind of color that evinces an elegant, vintage aesthetic. According to a designer, there are some trendy designs for Home, Breeze Giannasio, “One of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age.” This not only involves vintage furniture but also color trends like clay and terracotta and decorative objects like earthenware and ceramics.

Rattan and Wicker furniture

This kind of vintage furniture used to be primarily deployed on patios, back decks, and rarely used guest bedrooms, but Rattan and Wicker have made a comeback this year, enlivening chairs, tables, and lighting schemes in fresh ways. Interior designer Nicole Fuller says these pieces remind her of childhood and help to strike an equilibrium between modern and traditional aesthetics.

Wicker furniture had a big resurgence a few decades ago and then interest in it seemed to fizzle out. However, it made yet another return this year, along with Rattan, and the results have been fantastic.

These were the top five trends in home design but there were many more, including navy blue, floral wallpaper, non-white kitchens, color-pop cabinets, canopy beds, olive trees, antique art, kitchen art, wood range hoods, double floating vanities, fully wrapped powder rooms, curved sofas, free standing tubs, and statement-making laundry rooms. 

And if you think a trend was left off this list, don’t fret. It could easily make it onto a list of coming trends for 2021.



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