5 Key Bathroom Design Elements

elements for designing bathroom

What makes a bathroom a bathroom? There are five key elements for designing a bathroom that you need to know. Having the right features can create the perfect spot to wind down after a long and exhausting day!

1. Organizing Your Bathroom’s Space

When you are in a rush and scrambling to make it to a place on time, you need to get ready quickly, but what happens if you are unable to find the products you need? It is essential to have enough storage units in your bathroom to ensure that you can find everything you need when you need it. A common issue that many bathrooms possess is not having enough room for storage space. While cabinets may seem like a great storage solution, having too many cabinets and racks can have the opposite effect, making a bathroom feel cluttered and cramped. Storage units can be constructed on the bathroom’s upper level to free up floor space and create an illusion of openness in the bathroom. If you have the opposite issue and do not have enough cabinets, glass jars and acrylic organizers can help you sort out the various products on your counter. Furthermore, adding mirrors can also help make a room seem more spacious than it actually is by creating an illusion that makes it appear as though the room has doubled in size. Playing with space and organization will help transform your bathroom into a practical and beautiful space. 

2. Lighting Your Bathroom

The lighting in a room can make a tremendous difference. Bright, well-lit rooms are generally the kind of spaces that will be best for those getting ready. While a light dimmer will help create a relaxing atmosphere for a tranquil bath. Light sources may also include natural light sources. This can be from either windows or roof skylights. Moreover, the purpose of lighting can extend beyond providing visibility. For instance, built in heat lights can provide warmth during Washington’s frigid winters. Separately, sconce lighting can be utilized to draw attention to specific details in a bathroom a homeowner wishes to illuminate. 

3. A Relaxing Shower

While there are countless styles of showers, having a curbless and frameless shower area creates a sense that the shower is not separate from the rest of the bathroom. Some opt for a floor drain instead. that way, the shower is not enclosed at all. Although, this design preference is not often chosen, as it is not practical in many scenarios. For homeowners craving a luxurious bath experience, selecting a bathtub with a lower wall creates the illusion of more open space. Additionally, a homeowner may choose to combine their bathtub and shower space into one, 

4. Bathroom Material

The materials that are used can play a large role in how a bathroom looks. Natural materials are currently popular among bathroom settings, such as bamboo, marble, river rock, hardwoods, and quartz. The organic materials help create a relaxing and luxurious ambiance. For example, utilizing river rocks on a shower wall or floor can create unique patterns and captivating sensory experiences.

5. Bathroom Decor, Color, And Design

Keeping bathroom decor simple can help a bathroom feel less cluttered. Long, vertical cabinets emphasize the height of a room, making the bathroom feel more spacious. Further, sticking with a semi-monochromatic color story throughout the bathroom can help open up the space. Lighter colors can make a bathroom look more open. Conversely, the overuse of darker colors can sometimes make a small bathroom seem even closed up. When creating your new bathroom, be sure to keep these elements for designing a bathroom in mind.


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