10 Trends in Cabinetry and Kitchen Design

Trends in Cabinetry and Kitchen Design

Cabinets are a critical aspect of a kitchen and one of the growing sectors of design in kitchen renovation. The last couple years has seen a steady rise in the cabinet redesign and replacement industry and it seems to be increasing each year. 

The following ten trends are what you can expect to see in you and your friends’ kitchens in the coming years:

Outdoor kitchen cabinets

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are a major new trend in home design, bringing a beautiful sense of style, comfort, and aesthetics to an outdoor kitchen. If your family routinely entertains guests and you have a backyard area that is optimal for kids and parties, it makes sense to build an outdoor kitchen. And once you have an outdoor kitchen, it makes sense to install the best cabinets you can find. 

According to some design analysts, cabinets are more important than appliances. And some recommend stainless steel cabinets with a powder coat finish. If you need new kitchen cabinets, you can trust the experts at 1 Stop Cabinets in Orlando

Cerused Wood Cabinets

Cerused wood is the end result of meshing different pigments to showcase natural grain patterns in wood. It’s also called ‘lime-washed wood’ and is a big trend in cabinetry.

Unlike a simple stain, “cerusing” wood involves using several different color pigments to highlight natural grain patterns in the wood.

Wood Revival

Wood cabinets in the modern age feature natural finishes that really liven up your average cabinets. Styles can range from rustic to contemporary and allow a wide variety of customization strategies. The wood revival also features trends like wood reclamation and recycled furniture, sometimes known as upcycling.

Pastel Cabinets

Pastels are making a big comeback this year in terms of stylizing a room. Light greens, blues, light pink and other colors are changing the way people think about their cabinets. 

Sleek cabinetry

Stylistic choices in cabinetry continue to evolve and that includes subtle choices.
According to Linda Hayseltt of LH Designs:

“I’m seeing less and less crown moldings used on the tops of the upper cabinets. Clients are opting for a cleaner look that isn’t too decorative at the top. It also can help with adding more storage space to cabinetry, because then you don’t have to worry about giving an interior shelf to the molding.” 

Glass-front cabinet doors

Different cabinets have different purposes. For example, cabinets used to showcase expensive items like valuable art, collectibles, dishes, or glassware, may mean you may want glass door cabinets. This choice can help to accentuate the content of the items being highlighted while also protecting it and lending an aesthetic lightness to the overall appearance. 

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is typically a storage unit opposite the cooking area that includes open cabinets, oversized windows, standard dishes, linens, and everyday appliances. It’s basically a stylish way of integrating storage needs with design aesthetics. This is a great use of cabinets as a storage utility, which we will return to later. 

Grey cabinets

Because of its neutrality, grey has become a popular color in furniture, walls, and cabinets. Depending on how much light a room gets and the peripheral colors and tones, grey could be the perfect solution for your cabinets. 

Get down to the brass tacks

Brass was a big trend back in the 1990s but its gaudy brightness became outdated and galling for many people. However, in recent years brass has made a comeback as a major asset in kitchen hardware. Contemporary brass sports a burnished antique look that adds significant tones to any kitchen design.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a new trend in cabinets largely as a solution to limited wall space. It can help to maximize kitchen utility, bringing spices and other ingredients closer to you while you’re cooking. By cutting down on overhead cabinets and gaudy, intrusive supplementary installments, you can essentially increase the size of your kitchen and make your kitchen island more functional. 

Additionally, open shelving tends to give your kitchen a more open, breezy feel.

Custom cabinet storage design

As mentioned before, storage space is a major factor for many homeowners, which is why the integration of storage space into cabinet design makes total sense. These days, it is common to find cabinets that include pullout trays, bread boxes, space racks, and multiple other customized storage options that allow you to organize your kitchen and retain a sense of grace.


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