The Best Social Games For 2020

Best Social Games

The world of gaming is changing. Especially after the launch of Facebook games, the online gaming industry has taken a sharp turn. Today, social games are popular enough allowing players phenomenal online gaming experience. But what are social games?

These are structured activity games that have contextual rules in it. It is usually multiplayer or casual gaming providing an incredible participating experience. Many social games are popular among game enthusiasts Social games aren’t just useful for killing boredom, they can be a great way to exercise the brain, tap into your competitive spirit, and connect with family and friends. Especially in the age of social distancing, a virtual game night with loved ones—in lieu of playing your favorite Fair Go Casino games in person—can be the perfect, distracting quarantine activity. There are tons of great online options out there, so we’ve rounded up the best ones to help you and your friend group stay connected—and socially distanced—through the rest of the lockdown.


If you love 3D virtual gaming experience than IMVU is a game specially designed for you. It is a social destination game in which you can interact through various 3D avatars. Through this game, you can also meet new and different people across the globe. IMVU has a phenomenal player database, where players chat and play games with others. It is available in many languages.

Japan Life

If you have ruling tactics in you than it is time to excavate it more. Japan Life is a game where you play as the mayor of a small town. The mission and aim of the game are simple i.e. developing the town. Though this game you can create hotels, restaurants, hot springs, and temples. You have to stay away from ninjas, samurais, and geisha to survive.

Words with Friends

Scrabble has always been a popular game among young and adults. This game is a replica of scrabble that you can play online. Instead of playing against a computerized opponent, in words with friends, you can play with your friends and family. This classic game of words is completely effortless to understand. It also guarantees hours of entertainment.

5 Street

Time to show some moves! 5 Street is a free online dancing game. You can socialize, dress as per the latest fashion and enjoy dancing with your friends. The personalized character can also be made in this virtual cityscape game. 5 Street is a leading social dance game where you can pick a beat and sway on it. Since it is a multiplayer game, therefore you can enjoy it with friends online easily.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Regardless of your affinity for the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a game you and your friends can enjoy. It is an augmented reality game where you and your friends can fight mythical creatures from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. It requires plenty of moving about, and that only makes the game even more fun and enjoyable. What’s more, Ninantic looks committed to improving the game. It just added gifting, which means you and your friends can send rewards to one another.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft also known as WOW is one of a popular social game. There are more than 12 million subscribers in this game. In this game, you can fight against other players and also customize the character at every level. With its vicarious layout, people simply love it. Big celebrities such as Mila Kunis are also an active player in this incredible social game.

Mafia Wars

Believe you have the insight of being a mafia? Then this game is perfect for you. Mafia Wars use a Facebook mob stimulator that helps in recruiting friends and making them part of your gameplay. You can be the leader of the criminal world and rule it on your own rules. Fight with your friends and be leading mobsters earn.


Bounden is a truly social game, as it is specifically designed to be played with a partner. Bounden uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to get you dancing making it the perfect game for nights out, in team-building sessions, or in any setting where you and your friends are hanging out and having a good time. The apps include seven dances for users to try.

Game of War – Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age is a massively multiplayer online action strategy game that’s light on both action and strategy but focuses more on joining powerful players and pushing purchases. The gameplay is rather simple, you play the part of a king attempting to build the most powerful kingdom possible in a game world full of other players with the exact same aim. This game is very addicting before you know it will take over your mind. It’s a real grind to build something of significance, and even then, it can be frustrating against an overpowered Alliance. This game is for fans of action games.

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story is a virtual restaurant game where a player is in the role of a fledgling restaurateur. To start your own restaurant, you can choose from the decorate tab and pick from the available decor and cooking devices. You’ll set up seating, prepare meals, and do the best you can to make sure there’s always enough food available to meet demand. The main objective of the game is to make sure customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decorations and tasty new dishes.

Wrapping Up

The gaming market has changed completely. The times where computer games had to be installed in a complicated way are long since gone, now is the time of the browser game which can be played on any computer or smartphone at any time, everywhere. It is nearly a decade since social games became prominent, and today, they are an integral part of the global entertainment market. Regardless of which target group considers the gaming market, one thing is certain: social games will affect the market over the next few years.


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