Odd Junk Items: Top 7 Ranked

Junk Items

Most people harbor junk without even knowing. It takes the intervention of a junk removal expert to get rid of all the unnecessary items inside a home. While deep cleaning companies have witnessed all sorts of junk items, some are unique.

You can tell a lot about a person from the things they dispose of. Therefore, while going through people’s junk, you might discover some weird stuff. From a Jack Daniel’s statue to a goat (Yes, you’ll be shocked) – just to mention a few. Of all junk items collected, we found the following seven a bit odd:

1.      Tons of Tires

Back in 2017, paramedics went on strike in Quebec, Canada. They gathered around the health ministry’s building, thus, blocking entry and exit. Thus, the health ministry staff couldn’t access the building for the entire duration of the strike.

You might be wondering what type of barricades they used to achieve this feat. Your guess is as good as ours – tons of tires. But where did they get so many tires? Quebec authorities require people to change their car tires for the winter season. Therefore, the paramedics easily got over 600 waste tires to use for their strike.

After the strike was over, the government felt overwhelmed to clean-up after the mess. Thus, they got help from a junk removal company that removed the tires and transferred them to a recycling plant. What a tiring day of work!

2.      A Giant Bug

You would wonder how a person harbored a giant bug in their house. After all, they are creepy and many don’t like them. But we aren’t talking of a real bug, but rather an imitation. Someone once hand-carved a giant bug for their high school project just about 25 years ago. Well, it seems like it bugged its owner to the point of calling in the junk removal experts to get rid of it. Maybe some museum might take it up though lol.

3.      A Jack Daniels Statue

What better way to start a party other than by having the king of liquor present? Yes, Jack Daniels in statue – not in flesh, of course. A mascot of Jack Daniels features as one of the odd junk items collected.

4.      Anti-monopoly

Talk of old games and you’ll not miss out on anti-monopoly. Many hearing this probably get a sense of nostalgia. However, it is an odd junk material to find or is it? Maybe it’s one way of making the longest game even longer.

5.      Doll

Arguably, dolls are some of the common household items people own. This is especially true for a household with kids. However, there’s a limit to the norm, and a certain doll from Melbourne crosses the line. Some junk removal experts collected an axe-wielding doll that does look like the bride of Chucky – literally. Well, we don’t blame the owner for disposing it. If you had a creepy doll that looks like it, you probably would have done the same. Who would want a murderous doll around? – Just kidding though.

6.      A Replica of a Tank

Ever got fascinated by military machines to the extent of getting one for yourself? Not a real war machine though, because that’ll get you into some real trouble – but a replica instead. Junk removers once recovered a war tank replica, which they assume to belong to the military museums of Calgary. The second largest military installation in Canada sure had some creativity if this was a part of their arsenal.

7.      A Goat

Animal keepers have a sentimental attachment to their little (or large) loved ones. But can it get to the extent of having a sculpture of a real animal? Well, this might shock you, even though it’s true. Some junk removal experts got rid of a goat caricature in Atlanta, Georgia – perhaps one of the oddest junk items of all time. The goat probably thought they were ‘kidding’ when taken away from its owner.

Bonus: How to Avoid Junk Accumulation in Your Home

A disorganized home affects your peace of mind. Try and declutter your space by getting rid of junk when you can. Feeling lazy doing that? You can always call professional junk removers to do the job.

On the flip side, you can avoid the accumulation of junk in your home. Here’s how to do it easily:

Limit Unusable Items

Wouldn’t it be great if you only had what you needed in your house? For starters, do not bring into your home what you already have.

Declutter Daily by Calling Junk Removal Experts

Cleaning is a continuous process. Therefore, it would be best if you decluttered as often as you can – preferably every day.

Plan Purchases

Buying unnecessary stuff is only going to add to the junk present in your home. Consider buying necessities only, and the things that you don’t own yet.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, remember to call junk removal experts to help you get rid of all those odd items you harbor inside your home. Maybe yours will feature on the list next time.




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