Last-Minute Vacation Deals: Check out the best places to look for

Best Places to Look for Last-Minute Vacation Deals

Did you know that the average American spends $1,979 on their summer vacation? This is a good chunk of change, and a lot of Americans are actually taking vacations that they can’t afford. Luckily, with last-minute vacation deals, you can save a ton of money on your next trip. But, where do you find last-minute vacation deals?

Check out this guide to discover the best places to look for last-minute vacation deals. 

  1. Google Flights 

The flight is typically what eats up the largest portion of our vacation budgets. Luckily, Google Flights can help you spend less money on your flight so you have more money for adventure. 

Google Flights is a flight aggregator that gathers fares from all other airline and travel sites. That’s right- it even includes prices from Expedia and Priceline. 

The great thing about Google Flights is that it’s super easy, and it makes it easy for you to play around with dates, times, departure destinations, and arrival destinations. Once you have your info plugged in, you’ll see a big list of flights, arranged from the cheapest and shortest to longest and most expensive. 

  1. Expedia 

Expedia has long been hailed the king of sites for finding discounts on travel. With Expedia, you can book your airfare and hotel together, allowing you to save money when you bundle. 

If you’re looking for the most up-to-minute-offerings, we suggest checking the Unreal Deals tab. This shows you the best deals for vacation packages that you’re ready to take advantage of within the next few days or weeks. 

  1. Priceline 

Priceline is your one-stop-shop for travel-related savings. 

Not only can you book your hotel room through Priceline, but you can also book your flight, rental car, and even cruises. The great thing about Priceline is its “Name Your Own Price” feature. This allows you to pick a price and then book a hotel based on that price point. 

It also has a “Tonight Only” feature in its app for those looking for super last-minute deals. 

  1. Cheap Caribbean 

If you’re looking for an affordable getaway to Mexico or the Caribbean, then you need to check out Cheap Caribbean. 

Whether your dream vacation is in Aruba or Tulum, Cheap Caribbean provides you with the best packaged deals at all-inclusive resorts. These deals typically include airfare, accommodation, and food and drinks at the hotel. Sometimes, they even include excursions, or you can add on excursions for a discounted price. 

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  1. Hotel Tonight 

As the name suggests, Hotel Tonight allows you to book an affordable hotel for the very same night. However, for those who like to plan out their vacations a little more, you can also book a week in advance or up to 100 days in advance if you plan to stay for 14 days. 

Each day at noon, the deals go live, and there are thousands of hotels to choose from around the world. 

Are You Ready to Score Last-Minute Vacation Deals? 

Now that you know how to find last-minute vacation deals, it’s time to start exploring. Pretty soon, you’ll have a trip booked for an affordable price. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more travel-related tips and tricks.


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