Clean and organized home: Secrets to an always clean house

clean and organized home

Keeping clean and organized home isn’t always easy. There are a variety of different factors when it comes to maintaining the look and feel of a place. When a living space is clean and de-cluttered, we usually feel calmer and more organized in our mind. For this reason, staying on track is important not only for our physical health, but mental health as well.

How Do You Keep clean and organized home? 

When we spend so much time in our own house, clutter and dirt can become invisible. Although it may seem strange, walking past dirty dishes or throwing one more shirt in the hamper every day may not register in our mind. The more we become used to a routine, the less likely we are to question it.

Staying on task is often less complicated with schedule. By creating a chart or list of tasks to do every day of the week, you can keep your house clean on a regular basis. By mixing up tasks or rooms to clean per-day, you can avoid feeling potential boredom.

When dividing household chores throughout the day, try mixing in some of the less desirable ones with easier ones so that one day does not become overloaded with dreaded tasks like cleaning 3 bathrooms. Organizing tasks can be peppered throughout the schedule and many do not take much time at all.

In What Order Do You Clean Your House?

The classic way to clean a house is from top to bottom. When dusting, start with the ceiling fans or high book shelving. By first cleaning from the highest point, you won’t create more dirt on what you’ve just cleaned. For instance, if you dust on small side table only to dust the ceiling fan next, all of the dust from the fan blades will collect on the newly-cleaned (now dirty) side table.

By starting a linen wash in the beginning stages of cleaning, you do not have to waste time for the washer and dryer to end cycles. Linen washes can include bed sheets, towels, cloth napkins, slip covers and cooking cloths. Once those are in the wash, you can focus on surfaces.

Surfaces may take a bit of time depending on your organizational skills. To clean counters and tables, they must first be cleared. This can be especially (and surprisingly) difficult for work desks. Wires and cables can be intimidating to move because there are usually so many of them. By using a cable sleeve, wires and cords can be safely wrapped up to save space and make cleaning easier.

For miscellaneous items such as children’s toys or magazines, storage baskets can make a big difference when organizing surfaces. This is especially helpful when sorting bills. After everything is removed from the countertops, using disinfectant wipes can add a pleasant smell to newly cleaned surfaces.

After the surfaces are cleaned, the floors can be cleaned. Because grunge or residual from the counters may fall to the floor, it’s important to clean floors after cleaning the counters. First sweep up any crumbs before scrubbing.

The bathrooms can be done next since you’re already using a mop. To effectively clean a bathroom, use spray cleaner for the tubs, toilets and sink. Window cleaner is best used for the mirror to prevent streaks.

The laundry should be done by the time you’re finished cleaning the bathrooms. All that’s left to do now is the folding. This usually only takes five or ten minutes depending on how many people live in the same household.

What are the most efficient ways to keep clean and organized home from top to bottom?

To efficiently clean a house, planning is critical. Without the proper planning, it can seem like a monumental task. By staying organized during the week, a thorough house-cleaning won’t seem so daunting.

Tips for keeping a house clean from top to bottom include:
-washing dishes on a nightly basis
-keeping clutter inside labeled containers or baskets
-doing a laundry at least once per week
-dusting and wiping surfaces from the highest to the lowest points
-using hanging storage containers or shelving
-rewarding yourself by leaving a mint chocolate on the bed pillows or spraying lemon cleaner for the floors

Maintenance is often just as important as a thorough top-to-bottom house cleaning. When clutter and grunge build up, it’s not always easy to notice. Many times it’s only when guests are coming over that we even bother to clean up. This can mean weeks of cooking grease or laundry can pile up in no time. By taking care of a few tasks a day, the cleaning process can go much faster and easier.

How can I motivate myself to clean and organize?

Rewards are key. Small rewards for cleaning the house can take many forms depending on your personal preferences. When a house is clean, we often feel special and more optimistic. Sometimes the reward is just the fact that it’s done.

To motivate yourself toward that reward, make the actual process more interesting. Putting on energetic music can help release tension while cleaning or listening to a podcast might keep your mind engaged. Having small goals also helps, especially when first starting out. Cleaning a room a day may not take very much time, but after the end of a week, the house can potentially sparkle.


Organization is often the secret to a successful cleaning. Whether it’s organizing how to clean, or items themselves, it can separate what needs to be done from the tasks that can wait. Handy organizing can include cable management tips. Cable management tips include where to store wires and how to conceal cords in a safe and easy way. When thoroughly cleaning a house, both home and mind can be properly organized.


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