Do I Need Testosterone? These Are the Signs of Low Testosterone

do I need testosterone

Did you know that as many as 40% of men can experience a testosterone deficiency at some point in their life?

Such testosterone is usually related to the normal aging process, but young men aren’t immune to this issue as well.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need testosterone?” Keep reading to learn about 5 symptoms in men so you can understand when you should seek medical help.

1. Low Libido and Erection Issues

Out of all of the symptoms, having a low sex drive or erection issues are the most noticeable. Testosterone is responsible for helping people get in the mood and perform, which means not having enough can lead to problems in the bedroom. There are plenty of other factors that can impact a man’s libido like stress, so you shouldn’t worry about your testosterone unless it becomes a chronic issue.

2. Decreased Muscle Mass and Increased Body Fat

Another one of the most common signs of this type of testosterone is decreased muscle mass and even increased body fat. If your body is starting to look different and it isn’t due to a change in your diet or fitness routines, there could be a hormonal imbalance. You can view here to learn more about how you can prevent and treat its levels.

3. Hair Loss

An unfortunate truth that most men have to face is that they’ll likely have to endure some hair loss as they age. While some are luckier than others, hair loss is a natural sign of aging.

This levels are known to cause and increase hair loss in men, so it’s important to keep an eye on your scalp. If you’re a young man who’s losing hair, you might be able to preserve your hair by addressing your this type testosterone.

4. Fatigue

One of the lesser-known symptoms of such testosterone is chronic fatigue. All of our hormones work together to keep us healthy and vibrant, which means that one hormone being too high or low can cause all sorts of health problems. Testosterone can help us get deeper sleep, so you should consider testing your levels if you feel like you can never wake up feeling rested.

5. Mood Changes

Aside from our sex drive, testosterone has the ability to influence other emotions as well. In particular, a lack of testosterone can put someone more at risk of developing depression and other mental health issues. If you notice that you feel down often, have unexplainable mood swings, or can’t concentrate, your testosterone levels may be to blame.

Do I Need Testosterone? Now You Know the Facts

Have you ever wondered, “Do I need testosterone?” If so, now you know how to tell if you have such problems so you can get help fixing this issue.

Do you want to know other ways you can adopt a happier and healthier lifestyle? Make sure you check out the rest of our blog to find more helpful wellness tips and guides.


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