Sewing Halloween Costumes at Home

Halloween Costumes at Home

Halloween is nearby, and many of us must have started preparations for it by now. It is a wonderful festive which is basically celebrated for warding off the ghosts from our minds or lives. Ghost like costumes, bonfires and many more are the specialities of this traditional event are well-known. The excitement amongst the kids about this festival is indeed on the next level. Each of them desires of having the best Halloween Costumes at Home. There are numerous DIY or do it yourself ways to sew these Halloween costumes at home for your kids. Given below are some of the details of it.

1. If you do not want to pick up an animal theme, then you can select any elegant solid print theme. Choose an appropriate solid fabric and put your intricate haunting featured design on it. You must consider choosing a solid fabric. It would add weight as well as stability to the costume that would be made out of it. This versatile fabric is available in multiple colours. Thus you would have a wide variety of colour options to choose from. The solid fabrics are indeed perfect for – 

  • Making use of distinct shapes
  • Colour patterns and 
  • Covering all of those aspects of designing a perfect Halloween outfit. 

From nude tones to earth tones, every profile is available with solid fabrics. Due to these many reasons, shirts, suits, socks, and other numerous kids wear Are easily possible.

2. Getting animal print fabric and stitch a gown or a coat for your kid could be an amazing idea. Cheetah, tiger, python, etc. are some of the animals whose print is available in the fabric. You could also get snakeskin or another garment. They look perfectly similar to the original skin of the animals or their furs. Choosing a wild animal-inspired theme for your kid’s Halloween dress is probably the most exciting thing you can do. These animal printed fabrics are easily available in the local stores. In contrast, you should buy them from the online stores for the convenience. 

3. Are you looking for the last moment Halloween costume for your kid? Then the witch costume is probably the simplest one to go with. A witch frock with a pointy hat is one costume which can be arranged quickly. It is important to remember that you must always choose dark colours for the witch dress in order to give it the Halloween feel. Mostly black and purple colour is used for preparing this kind of costumes. Also, you could add more luminaries to this Halloween look by coupling it with hat and a broom (if your child is a fan of harry potter series). 

4. A zombie look is something which has been kids’ favourite for a long time. Tattered clothes, some paint on the face and a typical zombie-like visage are all which is required for creating this look. Face painting your child is a fabulous idea for preparing for a Halloween party with a zombie look. Either face, hands or feet, any part of the body can be painted in zombie style, featuring decaying of that particular part. You can even make use of makeup components for giving a zombie appearance to your child. Put on the red lipstick to portray as if the lips are covered fully in the blood. 

5. If you are looking for real dangerous mythical attire, then the vampire is the one to consider. There are many ways to create this attire; one of the most common and easy ways is to make your child wear a dark colour dress, I.e. black, purple, blue, etc. Giving some red highlights to this dress would turn it into a perfect vampire outfit. For making your child’s face look pale, you can apply powder along with the face paints and flanges added to it. To create this look perfectly, it would be better if you pay attention to the fine details while doing makeup or painting the face. Faking the blood dripping from the fangs is one of those minute detail that you are expected to consider. 

6. A mummified look is another effective yet simple one to create for the Halloween party. This can also be considered into the last-minute Halloween Costumes at Home as it does not require many accessories while preparing. You can simply USD toilet paper or tissue rolls to wrap your child’s entire body. You must cover your child with tissue from head to toe so that he or she resembles a mummy. Also, use a kohl pencil for darkening the bandage roll which is supposed to be wrapped on your child’s body. For covering the head, you can use white cloth which is being cut into the strips. If you are ready for taking an extra step, then you must also consider showing some peeking of organs from the gaps between those covered bandages


There are enormous things that you can try for preparing your child’s Halloween costume at home. Mentioned above are some of them. You can even try out one of these or search for more interesting ones. 



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