Top Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is famous for its stunning beaches, luxurious restaurants, exotic nightlife, etc. Don’t think this place as expensive as the other Mexican resorts. Instead, you can get here a sizzling holiday in just a tight budget. Every year it receives almost 2 million visitors who get welcomed wholeheartedly by the locals. 

The greenery, dense mountainous jungles, the Activities in Puerto Vallarta and a pleasant temperature keep the place all year round comfortable and enjoyable for the tourists. The best time is January to April for enjoying this place to its most. Let’s see what the exciting things that you can do in Puerto Vallarta are.  


Starting from the North at Hotel Rosita, 870-meter Malecón 12 block has gone through the Zona Romántica. The romantic Palm edged Malecón is flourished with new public art, plant, and benches and maybe enough to give you relax from the road traffic. When the sun is passing behind the bay in the evening, the Bahía de Banderas spread its all the joy in the ambiance. The wonderful street performers and the papantla flyers will never let you be depressed at any time of the day. Foodies? The lined restaurants in the way along with thousands of Aguas Frescas stands, or Jaliscsj Tejuino will never make you forget that you are the real foodie. 

Zona Romántica

Maybe you have heard about one of Latin America,’s biggest LGBT escapes. Now you are heading to this paradise. To feel the charm of traditional Mexican Pubelo’s, you should come once in this place which is even newer than the Puerto’s downtown. The fabulous cobblestone streets along with the bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries will not resist you from clicking some extraordinary photos. The most interesting thing about this place is its weekend farmer’s market at Lázaro Cárdenas Park, the hub for shopping artisan chocolate, organic fruit, vegetables, tortillas, cheese, soap, and ceramics from direct producers. 

Vallarta Botanical garden

Nothing can be better than the sizzling Puerto Vallarta Botanical garden to spend a whole day in enjoy. This 26-hectare garden is equipped with the tapestry of native forest, manicured spice garden of the Puerto Vallarta region, and the world’s topical zones. This place’s main aim is to conserve orchids and mesmerizing flowers to enhance the show of the garden. You can all get in-depth information about the growing history of sensational palm, agave, cactus, oak, and bromeliad. To enjoy Swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta in your style, just put down a swimsuit under your cloth and float yourself in the flow of water. 

Canopy tour

Afraid of heights? Just utilize this idea to avoid your fear. Dream about zipping linning over some gorgeous valleys and forests in a dense jungle. You can find their many companies that offer canopy tours in a variety of locations, but you don’t miss the. Los Vernanos Canopy tour. After finishing the canopy tour, follow your chatty guide for small tequila tasting or hold the snakes, tarantulas, and sometimes marmosets. Indulge yourself with a beer overlooking the river or you can also take a cold deep dip in the cold water and then head to home as a cup of coffee is waiting there for you. 

Release Turtles in Nuevo Vallarta

This is another excellent day trip idea that can start your day with a hilarious charm. Take a journey to Nuevo Vallarta and take part in the conservation project of releasing the baby sea turtles. There are plenty of companies that offer this type of conservation project. You can do a little bit of research to find the best one for you. Find the companies who provide all year round visit. With just a minimal cost, including your English speaking guide, snacks, and transportation, how can you avoid such a majestic thrive in Puerto Vallarta? 

Surf in Sayulita

The hip beach town Sayulita is one of the most popular places in Puerto Vallarta. To enjoy an off best track suggestion, you should come once in this place. This place is not only famous for surfing lovers for surfing at Puerto Vallarta or all-night raves, but also, this could be an incredible journey for them who has never tried this. Take a rental surfboard or bodyboard from the small businesses in Puerto Vallarta enjoy the day as long as you wish.

These are the things that can make your tour at Puerto Vallarta fabulous. So why wait? Start your backpack today and choose the best Activities in Puerto Vallarta immediately. Who can say, maybe you are missing the cheapest but the best time to visit here.


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