4 Reasons to Consider Online Prayer Request

Online Prayer Requests

Prayer or Worship is an integral part of the Christian faith. You pray to the Almighty to thank Him for His blessings in life, seek forgiveness for wrongdoings, understand His ways in life, or simply because talking to God calms and soothes your troubled mind. Whatever be the reason, prayers are usually offered in public in the church, chapel, or cathedral during congregation meetings. Read on to find the reasons to consider Online Prayer Requests.

However, it is not always possible to be physically present at the church every time to offer your prayers. You’ll miss out on your prayers and contend with praying silently in your mind in such situations. While that is completely alright because God understands your situations, you don’t need to skip our prayers just because you cannot go to the church. 

You can submit an online prayer request. These days, many church ministries and missionary organisations have started online prayer lines for people to submit their requests. If you haven’t considered it yet, here are some compelling reasons to do so now.

Consistent Prayers Keep your Faith Alive

In the humdrum of life, you often tend to forget about the superior power watching over you all the time, the difficult times He helped you through in the past, and His blessings. Somewhere, you begin to take things for granted. Praying constantly keeps your faith alive, and online platforms facilitate this.

A Respite in These Stressful Pandemic Times 

Pandemic has wreaked havoc not just on lives but on the economy as a whole. Many people have lost their jobs and loved ones, while others live in constant fear of the same. In times like these, when people are forced to stay indoors, online prayer requests come as a respite and act as a bridge that connects you to the Supreme Power with an ability to set things right.

Reminder Not to Give Up

You have your fair share of troubles. Whenever you are in a difficult or challenging situation, you immediately turn to God, the saviour who can bail you out of difficulty. However, when your prayers are not immediately answered, you may begin to lose faith. 

As a result, you’ll stop attending congregation meetings or going to churches altogether. In such times, sending an online prayer request reminds you that you have to write a petition to God over and over again and keep faith before they can be answered.

Find Your Inner Calling

Making prayer requests and going through them repeatedly helps focus all your attention on God. You’ll begin to make sense of things that you were not able to do previously. 

The more you pray, the more connection you feel to Him. This, in turn, helps you work your life decisions. God offers guidance when you connect with him emotionally. He may not answer your prayers directly, but being aligned with Him helps you achieve a tranquillity state.

Wrapping Up

Prayers work like miracles. When you stop praying, you become disconnected and lose your purpose. Prayers bring you closer to your inner self. And an online platform for the same simply makes things easier.


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