18 Most Useful Items You Can Give This Christmas

Give Useful Item

As Christmas looms, you can beat the rush by planning ahead for the gifts and give useful item for your loved ones. Useful presents are much appreciated because it shows that you put thought into them and had the best intentions at heart for the person you are giving the present to. The closer the relationship you have with a person, the more you know what kind of useful gift he or she would appreciate, depending on their needs and preferences. But even if you might not know what the person needs, you can purchase general items that are always helpful in the home, along with a wrap that compliments the gift like those found at  mrgiftwrap.com. To make the process easier for you, compiled here is a list of Items. You can give useful item to your friend and family on this Christmas.

  1. Coffee Maker 

Many people appreciate coffee for its possible wake-up effects first thing in the morning, along with the taste of the beans. A coffee maker is a useful item in that it makes the process of making coffee more efficient than boiling water in a kettle. The taste of coffee from a maker is also more refined and tangible than that mixed in a cup. Your gift can make a big difference between a pleasant morning and a groggy start of the day.  

2. Blender  

A blender is a very useful tool, particularly for those who are into diet plans. Some diet regimens include starting or ending the day with a fruit or vegetable smoothie. Gifting a blender to a loved one means they don’t have to purchase shakes daily or manually mix them in a bowl. Using a blender to make shakes also produces finer and smoother textures that are more delightful to drink compared to chewing chunks from a manually made shake. You can give useful item as a gift is also particularly useful for those who have babies and toddlers who eat a variety of blended foods. It makes processing so much easier.  

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3. Flask  

Some folks leave the house in a rush and are constantly on-the-go with their daily routines and expected mandates. A flask is especially useful for pouring a preferred beverage on the way out of the house. One can enjoy the beverage en route to their daily destinations.  

4. Food 

Everyone has to eat, which makes food a very useful gift. It’s always nice to make someone their favorite dish or bake them a special treat, but how much nicer is it to give food as a present for Christmas? You can place the food in a food package and use foil wrapping to still retain the element of surprise. The effort that’s put into cooking a dish will be cherished because, in this way, you’re also gifting your precious time. It’s also nice to buy a grocery hamper as a gift and load it up with essential goods.  

5. Cutlery 

Most kitchens have pieces of cutlery that sometimes mysteriously vanish. Give useful item such as a kitchen drawer that was once full of forks, spoons, and knives suddenly seems to be empty and barren. Giving a set of kitchen cutlery is an extremely useful gift for everyone, for both meal preparation and mealtime.  

6. Glasses 

Drinking glasses can often be dropped or break while being cleaned. A set of glasses is, therefore, a most useful gift. These may replace those that have gone missing after an event was held at the house or may have cracked from day-to-day use. 

7. Herbs  

If your colleague or family member loves natural products, herbs can be a useful gift for Christmas. You can place a variety of herbs such as cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, coriander, and basil in a gift box and wrap these up for a delightful present. The meals in which these spices are added will be signed off by your thoughtful health-driven gesture. You can also gift herbs in their natural plant form, but for storage purposes, packaged herbs might be a better option. 

8. Home Fragrances 

When we spend our time at home, we long for it to be a comfortable and inviting space. Home fragrances help us achieve this goal and, therefore, are always a welcome gift.  Fragrances that emit positive and delightful aromas can change the atmosphere in a home and affect those who live there and those who visit. In case of allergies, however, you might want to choose natural fragrances. 

9. Home Décor  

The décor in the home can also uplift its inhabitants. A simple painting, plant, or hanging ornament can truly light up a dull household. However, you might need to know the person’s décor preferences before purchasing such a gift. By analyzing their living space, it’s certain the gift will be more appreciated. Alternatively, you can gift a voucher or gift certificate as well for the same piece of décor. 

10. Clothes  

Clothes are generally worn by everyone on a day-to-day basis, making them a very useful gift. Of course, you have to know the person’s size and preferred fashion sense for the gift to be wholly appreciated. If you aren’t able to figure this out, it’s nice to gift the clothes in the form of a gift voucher of their preferred store. This way, they can decide the type of clothes they actually want to get. 

11. Books  

Gifting books means investing in a person’s knowledge tank. If you know the kind of books that a person enjoys reading, you can purchase a one or two and include a personal message as to why you thought they would like the book. If the person also has kids, you can include children’s reading or coloring books. This shows that you thought of his or her entire family, which is a gesture that’s sure to be appreciated. If you’re in doubt which books to buy, you can purchase a gift voucher so that they can choose their books of preference. 

12. Music Player Or Record

Listening to music can release the “feel-good” hormone known as dopamine. The gift of music can alleviate anyone who is feeling down, which makes music a very useful gift. Although technology has made music available online, an old-fashioned CD, tape, record, or record player would bring a personal touch to the gift. You can buy music that you know has meaning for the person or make a recording for that person and add a personal note.

13. Musical Instrument  

Gifting an instrument to an artist or one who is interested in playing the instrument is very beneficial. Depending on the person and their musical interests, a guitar, violin, drums, or cymbals can be great instruments to learn and play. You can also include recommended tutorial sessions, whether online or in the community, to show the effort and intention that you put into the gift. 

14. Tools   

Tools are especially handy for management around the home. Gifting an assorted toolbox with items such as spanners, a hammer, bolts, screws, and a screwdriver is very helpful for anyone who owns a home. Accompanying the toolbox can be a gift voucher to a tool shop where more items can be added if needed. 

15. Gadgets  

Gadgets are a part of every household. Depending on the needs of the person you are giving the gift to, the sky’s the limit. You can purchase a laptop, tablet, earphones, a nature torch, a phone, a watch, an electric griddle, or Air Pods. Some people may already have these gadgets, so this gift will be more meaningful to someone who doesn’t have them or is looking to upgrade.   

One great gadget to give is a camera. Gifting a good old-fashioned camera is a great gesture that communicates you’re encouraging the person to capture memories the traditional way. You might even invoke a love for photography in the recipient of your gift. 

16. Stationery 

A stationery is always needed in the home. An assorted stationery box with pens, pencils, erasers, a ruler, and a pair of scissors is sure to be a big hit for anyone who likes to write. To add to this gift, you can get notepads or journals that suit the person’s lifestyle. For example, professional and business-oriented individuals might prefer a business journal calendar, while an artist might prefer a jot diary. 

17. Toiletries  

You can give useful item to create a gift box of toiletries for someone who loves fancy soaps, lotions, shampoos, brushes, body perfumes, and towels. You can be sure that these products will be used and appreciated as an addition to the toiletries that they already have. Wrapping up the box in fancy, delicate paper also makes such a gift more appealing. It gives an element of surprise compared to simply handing them the toiletries.  

18. Cash 

You can give useful item such as Cash, especially in difficult times. Gifting an unexpected amount of money to someone means that their financial strains can be alleviated for that moment. A friend or loved one is bound to always remember your gift in their time of need.  If you have a close relationship with the person and know the struggles that they might be facing, you can add an encouraging note in the envelope and wrap it up in attractive gift paper. 


Christmas is a special time to display your appreciation for the people and community that you relate with and love. Successfully giving a useful gift means taking the time to subtly study what a person needs most at that time.

Some of the useful gifts that you can wrap up with love include a coffee maker, blender, flask, food, cutlery, drinking glasses, herbs, fragrances, décor, clothes, books, music, instruments, tools, gadgets, stationery, toiletries, and even cash.   

Make sure to pay as much attention to the kind of wrapping paper that you use as well. Wrapping paper adds an appealing effect long before one opens the gift. It shows the extra effort that you gave regarding the appearance of the gift and its contents inside. How exciting it is to give and receive a wonderfully wrapped and useful gift from someone you love!  

Have a happy Christmas while you spread the love and affection. 


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