Couple Fantasies – Fantasy Ideas For Couples

Ideas For Couples

Here are some fantasy ideas you and your partner could use to spice things up in the bedroom or even outside the bedroom. 

Three Fantasies Every Couple Should Try

We all have our fantasies that we want to live while we are young, and so many men and women around the world think that just because they’re in a relationship, their time for sexual exploration and experimentation is over. However, the truth is that the sex life as a couple can be much more exciting and explorative than any one-night stand with an exotic hookup. Here are some of the most common fantasies you can experiment with as a couple.  

Everyone Loves Bondage

Ever since 50 Shades of Grey came out, women from all over the world embraced their kinkiness and came forward with their fantasies. The recent launch of 365 Days has sparked once again the public interest for bondage. Couples from all over the world are searching for movies and guides or games on JerkDolls that can teach them more about this fantasy. We even have a couple of articles on BDSM and dom/sub relationships on our site. If you want to be dominated or if you want to submit to your partner, trust and communication are keys. Bondage and BDSM can be more than just sexually fun. This kink can be a way through which you can strengthen the bond with your partner and solve some underlying issues you didn’t even think you had.  

Roleplaying in The Bedroom

We all have some naughty fantasies we keep secret. Maybe we want to be healed by a sexy nurse or maybe we want to be arrested by a cop who is known for taking advantage of his prisoners. No matter what kind of role you want to play or what kind of role you want to see your partner playing for you. Even if you find your partner playing realistic incest porn games, don’t worry too much. They sure don’t have sinful desires. They probably just enjoy this kink for the intense roleplay thrills. You should give it a try. 

Getting Naughty In Public

So many men and women have a public sex fantasy. I’m not talking about public indecency that can get you arrested. I’m talking about innocently getting naughty on a back alley of a park at night or on a nudist beach after sunset. We can also include the bathroom stall adventures from the club or the fitting room from the mall as public places where you can get naughty with your partner. The thrills that you get from the idea of getting caught doing it will make the sex and the orgasms more intense. Just try to stay quiet during your climax. When it comes to actually getting caught, you shouldn’t worry too much. If you do it in a more secluded public place, no one will get too mad at you. Also, don’t get completely naked. It’s better to wear something light, like a dress or a pair of sweatpants with no underwear. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to communicate about your desires and about your feelings with your partner. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to please you, as long as you don’t step over their boundaries. 


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