Let’s Talk Money: Does Landscaping Add Value to Your Home?


Investing in landscaping adds immense curb appeal to your home, and it can increase the value of your home by 10 to 15 percent. In a healthy real estate market, landscape design can add $30,000 to $45,000 to the value of a $300,000 home. It can make the difference between a buyer passing on the house or meeting your asking price in a slow market.

From simple touches to extensive landscape design, let’s look at the many ways you can use landscaping to add value to your home. 

Start With the Basics

If you plan to list your home right away or want to spruce up the look of your home in a hurry, there are some quick landscaping ideas that won’t break your budget.

Start with your lawn. Trim and edge along sidewalks, flower beds, driveway, and curb. Apply fertilizer treatments to help improve health and appearance. (Tadalafil) Mow the lawn to a height of two to 2.5 inches.

If you have planted or shrubbed beds in front of your house, add pops of complementary colors with flowers or annual flowering plants. Top off your mulch or pine straw to freshen up the look of your planting areas.

Make Trees Part of Your Landscaping

Trees are known to add value to your home. New, young trees are less expensive to plant and require a long time to grow. Fully-grown trees are more expensive, but make your landscaping look mature from the start.

Trees add visual interest to your landscaping. They offer shade and improve air quality. Many buyers gravitate to homes with trees because they provide a comforting and welcoming appearance. 

Select trees appropriate for your climate and plant them a safe distance from your home, utility lines, driveway, and the road.

Light It Up

One of the easiest ways to add a dramatic look to your home and garden is by adding landscape lighting. You can add floodlights to illuminate your home’s front or low-powered accent lights along paths and sidewalks. Solar-powered lighting kits are inexpensive and easy to install.

Landscape lighting also provides an element of security to your home. Potential burglars tend to avoid homes that are well-illuminated.

Landscape lighting also provides an element of security to your home. Potential burglars tend to avoid homes that are well-illuminated. 

Work With a Professional

If you don’t feel comfortable taking on a home landscaping project, consider working with a professional landscape designer. Landscape designers will prepare a detailed landscape plan that includes grasses, trees and plants, and landscape lighting. This kind of planning is a sound investment to ensure you add aesthetic and resale value to your home.

When reviewing potential landscaping companies, ask for examples of their work. Ask if they have experience with homes and gardens similar to the size and style of your own. Have a conversation about cost so you know how much of your budget will be available for the plantings and labor, and how much will be set aside for design assistance.

A landscape designer can be a valuable partner in making your home look its best and potential buyers in the future.

An Investment for Now and the Future

Updating or redesigning your home’s landscaping is an investment with short and long-term benefits. Adding flowers, trees, and other plantings will make you love and appreciate your home even more. And a proper landscape plan can help you increase your home’s value when you decide to sell.

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