Why Rick and Morty Were the Best Duo of the Past Decade

Rick and Morty Were the Best Duo of the Past Decade

Over the last few years pop culture began to increasingly sparkle with glimpses of the “Rick and Morty” universe. T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, pajamas, socks, hats, cups, skateboards with images of these sci-fi characters and their famous quotes become more and more recognizable. At this point, this merch is probably not even as well-known as Ramones tank tops. But the popularity of this 9,2 IMDB rating show certainly leads to its legacy in the books. Largely because of exciting story lines, catchy soundtracks, peculiar drawing of characters, their unforgettable side characters, Easter eggs and most importantly – the two main characters. Rick and Morty hold the status of the most relevant fictional duet to date. And here is why this statement doesn’t need a word “arguably”.

Age and Appearance

The first thing that the viewer instantly notices in these two characters is their age difference. People are aware that aging of any form of life including humans is inevitable. Most if not all of the people are dissatisfied with this reality. However, both Rick and Morty make it easier for the viewer to accept it by giving good lifestyle examples both for youngsters as well as elders.

Unlike many modern people of our planet, Rick Sanchez doesn’t seem to be even remotely concerned about how he looks. His deep knowledge of regenerative medicine can easily allow him to remove his wrinkles, to better his skin color and to grow back the hair on the top of his head. However, he always seems to be engaged in a bunch of other scientific things that he finds more important. And becoming the most or even a bit more beautiful version of himself doesn’t appear to be one of them.

For the most part and for the most obvious reasons, a lifestyle of 14-year-old Morty Smith is incomparable to his peers from our reality. However, as a teenager he faces the same struggles that are familiar to everyone from his age group. He finds it difficult to talk to opposite sex, his self-opinion is rather low (but he makes progress), he tends to overthink and be uncertain about many of the things that are waiting for his decision. Seeing his shaking hands whenever he helps his grandpa in life threatening situations and hearing him stutter during intense dialogue scenes makes his worries look not only real, funny and exciting, but to a certain degree also very relatable. Yet, he never complains about looking not old enough, nor asks his grandpa to make his body look better in order to feel more attractive and confident. Instead he embraces reality that his journey has only started. He focuses on science and unintentionally declares how easy it is to be okay with your age and a regular body.

How it relates to the past and current decade
The cult of beauty and fitness has been heavily imposed with popularization of grooming and praise of toned bodies over the last couple of decades. It became a major, distinctive and desirable part of modern culture. But not for someone like Rick and Morty. Rick doesn’t crave to look younger and stronger and Morty is okay with being a teenager with regular body type. What they do is constantly exemplify to a viewer that the primal muscle that needs to be exercised is the brain.


People know and love Rick for not only his ability to arrogantly show off his exceptionally high level of problem-solving skills. But also, for how he often finds a simple solution for some of the most difficult challenges in the universe. Which makes it look extremely easy.

Morty doesn’t simply hang out with his creative grandpa. He becomes smarter by being a part of the chaos that and or/and his grandpa initiated or got involved in. He’s not only getting accustomed to unfamiliar technologies. He happens to be involved in crazy risky situations that force him to find solutions for the problem and to think faster despite his sensitivity. And as a result of these conditions, he continues to gradually lower the level of his anxiety and increase his level of mind abilities. The rise of his mental growth can stimulate many of his fans to overcome their personal emotional and hopefully intellectual struggles.

How it relates to the past and current decade
Like any other great science-fiction show “Rick and Morty” does not only make viewers want to explore more about science. It can also make them feel angry about themselves for not being as smart as they might’ve been. Of course, not everyone perceives the show as an intellectual motivation slap. But those who do get out of it more than just 20 minutes of fascinating distraction, are likely to learn more about their own universe. It leads to their willingness to educate and to figure out causal relationships.

Masses were never interested in reaching out to the basics of engineering and quantum mechanics. Nevertheless, this progress of humanity forces people to adapt to these changes. And while it successfully tempts most of them to relax and rely on technology, “Rick and Morty” inspires some of them to build their own robots that will pass their butter. These little challenges have potential to speed up the development of the population. Which may replace primitive “technology works in mysterious ways” mindset with the raise of vital self-esteem.


Humor has always been the essential tool for the existence of homo. Whether primates are getting warm around the fire next to their caves or laying on the cozy sofas in front of their favorite show, generally speaking – they always look forward to receiving a positive emotion that will make them smile. On top of ridiculous situations Rick and Morty put themselves into, their hilarious interactions with the universe continue to gather their loyal audience for a good laugh.

How it relates to the past and current decade
The humor of the characters tends to interfere with science and technology. Every episode contains a great dose of jokes, frustrations and problems that were caused or inspired by scientific curiosity or usage of futuristic technologies. The group of audience that will find these humorous accidents the most appealing is Millennials. The generation that always feels tired of explaining to their parents how to use a cellphone starts to use the phrase “how does it work?” more frequently. And as they get forced to keep up with technologies that continue to develop faster, seeing an aged person who handles it with no difficulties, cynical commentary and his grandson who’s getting better at it can be hilarious as well as comforting.

Religion [spoiler alert] 

Rick has been showing his disrespect towards the subject of religion for multiple times. Some fans may argue and recall “A Rickle in Time” episode. It had the point in time when Rick acted like a faithful person. But once he found the solution for the problem he immediately spoke out against god in his classically swearing and arrogant manner. Which doesn’t make an impression of a faithful person. Later in the following episodes Rick would express his disrespectful opinion in other ways. Like the time when toxic Rick said “if god exists it’s fucking me!”

Meanwhile, there is a calm, religion-apathetic Morty. He lives without going into any religious topics, as if the idea of faith has never bothered, nor interested him. The only way he technically touches the subject of religion is when he says “Oh, Jeez.” All in all, he is just a kid who has more important things to do and think of. Such as science, school life and Jessica.

How it relates to the past and current decade
According to statistica.com in 2018 over 40% of Adult Swim audience were people from 18 to 29. At the same time, according to analysis by barna.com in 2018 Generation Z had almost twice as many atheists as Millennials (13% vs. 6%). Therefore, as the time goes by the number of youngsters who will share the opinion of Rick and Morty will likely start to grow. Those who have a strong and almost aggressive disbelief system will identify with Rick. Whereas those who don’t really care and prefer to not even focus on the topic of religion will find a little part of themselves in Morty. 

Life Position 

At the end of the day Rick is an old scientist who has probably experienced almost everything. The amount of amazing things Rick has seen over the years of his adventurous life can make it difficult for anyone to sustain a vital level of excitement for life. Nevertheless, despite his age Rick still kicks it on every party he’s at, dances whenever he achieves his goal and almost never feels concerned about being misunderstood or disliked by someone. Most (if not all) of the time he prefers to mix his fun with substances. Such as psychedelics from various dimensions and intoxicating drinks. The fact that he is always willing to go off rails with his sobriety makes him likeable for those who can relate to the similar reckless lifestyle.

Morty, on the other hand, is a young man who has the whole life ahead of him. On top of his regular adventures with Rick he battles the same challenges as any other regular youngster. Nevertheless, he is pretty optimistic about everything. He enjoys himself and is always willing to have a good time without harming anything and anyone.

How it relates to the past and current decade
Self-destructive behavior in spite of being successful in the main field of interest continues to develop within the personal life of modern society. In most cases it tends to develop primarily among older people. That is why, both Millennials and Generation X can relate to Rick, which hopefully moves on with their issues.

As of Morty, his persona will always find a reflection of some of Millennials and especially Generation Z. Uncertainty about the future (especially as a young person) becomes a very common issue in the first and the second world countries. Having a symbol that doesn’t fall into apathy can always serve as powerful inspiration with multiple benefits.

Whatever Rick and Morty get themselves involved in they never stop to stick to each other. Throughout every season they continue to show the audience the benefits of using science, to adapt to the changing world, to have fun and to remind everyone to take care of their own “Ricks” and “Mortys.”

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