4 Common Parenting Mistakes People Rarely Talk About

Parenting Mistakes

Playing “Mozarts” During Pregnancy

The assumption that playing classical music to the unborn child can be harmful based on common sense and logic. Unlike most if not all of the necessary knowledge, it requires almost no anatomic or physiological background.

If mother plays music to his unborn child one of three things can happen

  • Baby likes it
  • Baby dislikes it
  • Baby is indifferent

First two conditions may cause certain reactions. If the baby likes the sounds – nothing bad will happen. But if the baby doesn’t like it – the music will only work as a constant tool of irritation.

Not teaching to laugh at themselves

Usually, when a kid struggles or fails, most good parents think that it is a bad idea to have any laughter nearby the child over this event. But this type of “support” is actually pretty harmful. It gives kids a reason to find comfort in being a victim and they can always fall in temptation to feel completely damaged, while people will do their best to make them feel better. But we all know that in reality it all happens completely the opposite way. So, to prepare children to get over their failures easier it is important for parents to teach them to laugh at themselves. That way potential bullies or media will always hit them in the empty spot.

Talking for Children at All Times

One of the biggest disadvantages of modern kids is their poor ability or oftentimes even inability to communicate with adults, or even with their peers.

The vast majority of the children are having big difficulties while facing another person for even a brief dialogue. Whether it is starting a conversation, maintaining a conversation, or even saying back “hello.” And there is no reason to blame children, nor technological progress. It is one of the cases when most of the time responsibility lies on parents.

Parents should help children to develop communicative skills by explaining to them that they have to learn to talk to other people, if they need something. And avoid letting them get away with it by telling everyone “they are shy”. They should explain why it is important to interact with people without their help. Talking instead of them and making it okay for them to get away with saying half of the word “hi” to a person is extremely harmful for their social skills. Otherwise, it will soften their character. It will limit the child’s perspective to talk to a stranger and become likable since the kid will not get used to acquiring a fundamental skill of presenting himself.

Appointing a Psychology Session

In case you pay for your child’s therapy session you risk not only by not getting any guarantees of a positive result. You also risk a child’s psyche and potentially even his future reputation, since the results of communication with a psychologist can be recorded and archived.

At this stage of human development, psychology does not provide us with a proven, reliable scientific basis for establishing clear patterns in science like chemistry. For instance, if we mix sodium chloride it will always give us salt. Whereas in psychology, as a result of “therapy” the mind of one patient may receive “salt” (food product) and the mind of one patient may receive “chloride” (pure poison gas)

Therefore, sending a child to a psychologist, roughly speaking, will be the same as going to a surgeon with a broken arm who can break it even more and leave without criminal or legal charges with the money you paid for this “treatment”. In this situation if the condition of your hand worsens, you will be sent to an amputologist. But if a therapy session will not work, the child will be sent to a psychiatrist, whose services are far more expensive.

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