How to Style Sneakers: A Simple Guide

how to style sneakers

Are you a lost cause when it comes to styling sneakers?

Shoes can really bring an outfit together, so knowing how to coordinate them with your outfit is important! You can have the perfect outfit for an occasion, but if you don’t know how to style shoes, your whole look may seem off.

If you’re wondering about the basics of styling shoes, you should know that there are some simple things you can do to ensure your shoes enhance your outfit.

Here are some tips on how to style sneakers!

Choose What’s Appropriate

The key to having great sneaker style is choosing the right shoe for each occasion. You wouldn’t wear sneakers to a fancy wedding and spending a day on the town would be difficult in heels.

If you want to wear your sneakers street style, go for thick soles, sleek designs, and low tops. If you need something more formal, opt for a classy heel or a pair of oxfords.

Always consider what activities you’ll be doing in the shoes and the level of dress the situation requires, and work from there.

Go Bold

When learning how to wear sneakers, you may want to play it safe and choose shoes that don’t stand out. Playing it safe is fine, but if a situation calls for it, it can be fun to get creative and go bold!

Make your shoe the statement piece of your outfit by wearing clothing that’s toned-down and pairing the outfit with a shoe that speaks volumes! You can have fun doing this with sneakers for everyone that will attract attention.

Lace Your Shoes Differently

If you have the perfect shoe, but something’s not quite right, you can try to lace your shoes in a way that better matches your personality and the look you’re going for! Bow laces can add some cute flair while straight bars can add sophistication. You just need something that ties your look together!

From checkerboard to riding bow, there are several ways to lace your shoes creatively!

Keep Them Clean

The most stylish sneakers are clean sneakers (with the exception of Converse). You want your shoes to add something to your outfit, and dirty sneakers often look raggedy. They can ruin the look you’re going for if you’re not careful!

Clean the dust and dirt off your shoes regularly and remove the stones and mud from the soles. If the sides of your soles become discolored, you can try whitening them with a magic eraser. Gently clean and polish formal footwear to keep them in good condition.

How to Style Sneakers for Any Outfit

Now that you know how to style sneakers in accordance with your outfit, you’re ready to hit the town! Show off your fashion sense with an outfit that’s stylish from head to toe!

Be sure to check back regularly for more fashion advice!


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