Get your house up-to-date with these simple tips

Get your house up-to-date with these simple tips

Bought a new house? Or do you want to re-do your room(s)? With the help of effective cleaning technology, you can now do it fast and efficiently. Where tasks previously took hours, they can now be done in a matter of minutes. This makes it worth the investment, as the products are affordable and can be used on multiple occasions. In this article, we will highlight several of these products that can help you get your house ready for the next decade to come.

Putting on new wallpaper or paint

Are you tired of your current wallpaper? Has your kid outgrown the princesses on the wall? Removing the wallpaper is quite hard, as it sticks to the wall. Using wallpaper remover does the trick. By applying the remover, wallpaper becomes soft and can be removed with ease. Using a wallpaper remover is a smart thing to do, as you will otherwise damage the walls as well. You will find that the product does more than you initially thought… you can even remove the wallpaper in full sheets!

How does wallpaper remover work?

If you have special wallpaper (e.g. vinyl or metal), you first need to apply sandpaper to make the wallpaper remover work. Once done, you can peel off the top layer of the wallpaper. Next up, you can blend the wallpaper moreover with ten liter of water and start applying it using a spray device (e.g. plant spray). Simply wait for 15 minutes and you can loosen the corners and remove the sheets. Always be careful, as damaging the walls can still be possible when the spray is not applied to all regions of the paper. 

Upgrading your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom is a task that not many like. Especially with a build-up of mould that comes into play often. When you have mould in bathroom, you can remove it with special spray and wipe it off. This is not only good for the cleanliness of your house, but also makes it more hygienic. This is often the first step to take when you want to change bathrooms. Once the bathroom is clean, you can remove the furniture and start working towards the bathroom of your dreams.

Cleaning rooms and remove mould

Removing mould is not limited when you want to upgrade your bathroom. It is recommended to remove mould on a regular basis to keep hygiene standards. Mould is not only building up in your bathroom, but can also take place at other parts of your house. Using the special mould spray can help in all these cases. Once removed, also think about structural solutions. How can you reduce the condensation and moisture? Keeping your rooms dry and clean is key in realizing this.


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