How to Wear a Watch Like a True Gentlemen

Wear a Watch Like a True Gentlemen

Are you looking to boost your style? If you are, you might be looking at new clothes, glasses, and how to style your hair. But you’re still missing one essential component: the perfect watch. 

When you wear a watch the right way, it ties your whole look together. But how can you know how to properly wear a watch?

Keep reading for a guide that’ll explain how to wear a watch. 

Understand the Different Watch Types

When you think of a watch, you may think of an antiquated object worn to fancy events. But in reality, there are several different watch genres. 

Dress watches are those meant for formal occasions. These watches are understated yet classy. They are thinner than other types of watches and lack the adornments present on other types. 

Field watches are a rugged type worn in the wilderness. Traditionally, their purpose was to aid soldiers in World War II, so you can imagine how hardy they are. Some field watches feature night vision and durable materials such as titanium. 

Dive watches are those used for, you guessed it, diving. These watches are water-resistant and capable of telling time in depths of 100 meters or more. They’re also made of sturdy materials to prevent them from incurring damage while underwater. 

Choose the Caliber Type

When you’re looking at different watches, you’ll have to consider which sort of movement, or caliber type you want. There are three different types.

Quartz watches use oscillators and have a quartz crystal and a battery to power them. These watches often have lower price tags than other variations and are also accurate. Many modern watches are quartz watches. 

Self-winding watches, also known as automatic watches, best affordable automatic watches are those that wind themselves up through the use of the wearer’s wrist movements. They don’t require batteries, which is convenient, but they’re also not accurate, which is not convenient. 

If you’re into vintage or collector’s items, you should consider getting a mechanical or manual watch. To power these watches, you need to wind up a spring which then powers a mechanism. 

Choose the Strap

When you first see a watch on someone’s wrist, where do your eyes go? Odds are, they head to the strap. That’s why choosing the right strap is so important. 

Metal straps are neutral, and often pair well with different outfits and looks. Being made of metal also means that they’re durable and tough. If you’re looking to add some bling to your outfit (as most men don’t generally have any), metal watches can be a safe choice. 

If you’re wondering how to wear a leather watch, know that they’re a quieter choice than metal. Metal can give off a cold feeling, but leather contrasts that with a warmer vibe. You can wear leather straps with a casual look, or compliment a more formal outfit if you need to. 

Fabric straps have become more and more popular in recent years due to their customization options. They’re cheap, which means that it’s easy to own several different straps and switch them out. Being made of fabric or nylon also means that you can wash them when you need to. 

Decide on a Case

The part of the watch that has the dial and the mechanism that makes the watch tick is known as the case. There are different case shapes and materials you’ll have to choose from.

Most cases are round or circular. This is a safe option that pairs with many different looks. Other case shapes include rectangular, oval, tank, and asymmetrical. Most people who wear more unique watch shapes wear them during casual scenarios to add to their aesthetic. 

Most men wear watches that have metal cases, but you’ll also find some made of plastic. If you do choose metal, you’ll be able to choose the type of metal. This can be anything from stainless steel, to titanium, to white gold. 

How Many Watches?

One common question that people often have before they get a watch is how many watches they should own. As you’ve learned, not every watch suits every occasion.

If you do plan on buying a single watch, make sure that you can pair it with a variety of different looks. You don’t want to buy it, then realize that it only matches a single piece of clothing you own. It should work with different styles and looks.

If you only want one watch but want the ability to spice things up, consider getting a watch with interchangeable straps. This will let you change the look to match your clothing and style as needed. 

If you’re able to, getting two or more watches can give you many more style options. It’ll also eliminate the stressful feeling that your watch may not match what you’re wearing.

Which Hand?

Another common question that people wonder about is which hand they should wear their watch on.

Traditionally, most people have worn their watches on their non-dominant hand. This is the hand you use less for actions, which means that the chance that it’ll be damaged is lower. 

However, everyone is different. If wearing a watch on your dominant hand feels more comfortable, then wear it there proudly!

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How to Wear a Watch? Follow This Guide!

Wearing the right watch with the right outfit separates the men from the boys. If you’re wondering how to wear a watch, following this guide can be a good place to start. You’ll be secret-agent level suave in no time.

Do you have any other watch-wearing tips? Let us know in a comment below!

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