10 Best Places to Travel in New York State

travel in new york state

It’s true that the global pandemic of 2020 has impacted all industries—even tourism. Still, you and your family deserve to take advantage of some much-needed vacation time after quarantine. That’s why you’re interested in taking a trip exploring the state of New York.

Well, you’ve come to the right article about the ten best places to travel in New York state. Make the most of your upcoming trip by checking out these must-see spots.

You certainly aren’t alone in considering New York a worthy travel destination, by the way. In the year 2018 alone, the New York state tourism industry generated an economic profit of over $14 billion. Keep reading to see which spots in the “Empire State” attract tourists just like you and your family.

1. Niagara Falls is Worth Checking Out

On the northern side of New York state, the border to Canada hosts a site worth seeing for any tourist. The impressive Niagara Falls is one of the most powerful and well-known waterfalls in the world. Studies show that the waterfall churns over 3,000 tons of water every second!

Witnessing this natural spectacle is worth the drive. Plus, there’s an aquarium and a conservatory on hand that deserves your attention, too.

2. Finger Lakes Region

If you’re looking for a more charming or rusting New York experience, the Finger Lakes region might be perfect for you. This romantic area is home to eleven north-south lakes that are situated throughout a ton of beautiful scenery. Then, you and your significant other can relax and unwind in the area’s plentiful wineries at the end of the day.

3. Times Square in the Big Apple!

Perhaps you’re more interested in the city-based scene in New York state. If so, then it’s no secret you have to check out the largest city in the United States—NYC!

It’s understandable to feel intimidated by the vastness of this sprawling city. That’s why you should rely on expert natives to get you around the city, such as with this taxi service. Getting to experience the center of Times Square will be worth your time and friendliness.

4. Explore the History of Saratoga Springs

Perhaps the most notable thing about this area of New York state is that of the presence of horses. The National Museum of Racing is housed here for any enthusiasts who might enjoy the history and art on site.

5. You Have to See the Statue of Liberty!

For anyone visiting the area of NYC, it’s hard to miss the brazen statue on the edge of the coast. Lady Liberty displays her national pride on Ellis Island, welcoming all tourists to explore her historical significance. This national symbol of hope is both inspiring and educational if you’re willing to explore!

6. Lake Ontario is an Excellent Getaway Trip

One of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Ontario borders the northwestern portion of New York state. In other words, Lake Ontario provides hundreds of miles of coastal beaches that are perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

You can find plenty of resorts, luxury hotels, and cabins that can be ideal lodgings for your New York trip. The scenery and lake-based activities can keep the whole family entertained for the duration of your stay at Lake Ontario.

7. Syracuse is a Quaint Little College Town to Visit

Though NYC is great to see at least once, not everyone prefers the hustle and bustle of a huge city. If you and your family are looking for a quieter, more rusting getaway, visiting Syracuse might be perfect for you.

Syracuse University attracts a well-educated and eclectic population. You won’t have trouble finding unique restaurants, art museums, and more historical sites in this otherwise small city (small compared to NYC, that is).

8. Enjoy Being Outdoors in the Catskill Mountains

Another way to get the most out of New York’s natural landscape is by visiting the Catskill Mountain Range. These mountains are situated in the southeastern portion of the state and attract all kinds of tourists for all kinds of reasons.

For one thing, it’s easy to unwind and drink in the gorgeous scenery if you’re looking to relax. At the same time, adventure junkies can find plenty of hiking trails and kayaking spots to get their thrills.

9. Navigate the Thousand Islands Region

As the name of this New York region suggests, you can expect to find a lot of islands in this part of the state. In fact, the region has well over 1,700 islands throughout it—way more than just one thousand.

This picturesque area offers a variety of tourist stops such as castles and other historic spots. Hire a reliable private boat tour to take you and your family through all of the twists and turns around this endless, but lovely, cluster of islands.

10. Central Park in NYC is a Must-See

Finally, the last spot featuring nature’s wonders is actually smack-dab in the center of the largest city. Central Park is a well-known, popular location that every New York native will recommend you visit. When you and your family are meandering through the Big Apple, make sure you devote plenty of time to wandering Central Parks’ lovely nature paths!

Make the Most of Your Upcoming Travel in New York State

In the wake of COVID-19, you don’t underestimate the value of top-quality relaxation and family bonding time. It’s true that it’s important to remember social distancing and stay safe during your travels. With that in mind, don’t let 2020 hold you back from some worthwhile travel in New York state with your loved ones.

Take the time to continue your research to optimize this upcoming vacation down to the last detail. In fact, that’s where this website can come into play. We have gathered the latest and greatest travel and lifestyle trends worth checking out.

That’s why we encourage you to browse through the rest of our article archives to enhance your overall travel experience. First, comment below this article about how it excited you and your family to visit these amazing spots in New York!

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