Top 4 Ways to Attract a Variety of Customers With Feng Shui

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Feng shui. This is a term we all know but we may not fully understand. Feng shui aims to achieve positive Chi in any room. In a business situation, optimizing a space for feng shui will result in more productivity and everyone will be in a better mood.

Can it also influence your customers? You bet! When your customers feel good in your space, they will feel more inclined to support your business. You can apply feng shui principles to any commercial space and for any customer base.

Here are 4 ways to attract more customers with it.

1. Avoid Common Mistakes

There are certain bad feng shui items that can seriously ruin your energy. These include:

  • Exposed electrical cords
  • Open trash can in plain sight
  • Mirror facing the front entrance
  • Boxes
  • Fluorescent ceiling lighting
  • Back door aligned with the front door
  • Strange smell or stale air

Correct these errors before focusing on anything else.

2. Start With Your Entrance

The Bagua map, which is a chart that separates your space into nine separate sections, has a specific plan for your front entrance. This creates strong energy immediately when customers walk into your business.

There are three sections at the front, from left to right:

  • Knowledge and self-cultivation
  • Career and life path
  • Helpful people and travels

You can achieve this with front window displays and colors. For example, adorn the right side of your business with exotic succulents, display a bookshelf at the left side of the room, and paint your door in enterprise/business feng shui colors such as purple or blue.

3. Create an Emotional Experience

When people visit your business, they’re looking for more than a product or service — they’re looking for an experience. Feng shui creates intoxicating and vibrant energy that will make your customers want to keep coming back.

Feng shui also influences some more complex emotions, such as creativity and love. You can achieve these feelings with the right décor. For example, display such paintings on the right side of your business.

You should also apply this to the outside of your business. Add chimes and other decorative pieces so customers immediately get good vibes when they enter. This is especially important if you’re using feng shui to sell a house.

4. Know Where Energy Pulls

Stand in the front entrance of your business. Where does the energy direct you? For most spaces, you’re either directed toward the right or the left. Optimize this energy.

Display certain products where the energy is strongest, such as your most valuable items. From here, your customers will want to explore more.

You’ll also want to identify any errors where energy is blocked or if you don’t feel the energy at all. Create pathways of energy. Focus on lighting first. All energy begins at the sun, so keep your windows wide open or use lighting that mimics sunlight.

From here, display succulents and other feng shui plants in your space. You should also try and space out your business as much as you can. Movement creates positive energy and you’ll encourage your customers to continue flowing through this energy.

Attract More Customers With Feng Shui

From knowing where your energy pulls to avoiding common mistakes, there are many ways to utilize feng shui in your business. Doing so will help attract more customers and sales.

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