Things you can do in 2 weeks in Nepal

weeks in Nepal


Nepal may be small in size, but it’s monumental with regard to a natural spectacle, diverse culture, and historical narrative. Modestly, no life on the earth is enough to dunk in the charm and explore incredible things that the country has to offer.

With a floating cloud overhead, historic landmarks, and natural vista in every nook and cranny, Nepal makes a pure nirvana. There’s no end of stunning places for travelers to visit here, be it deep down the valley or as high as mountains.

The capital is chock full of people as well as archeological sites, ancient monuments, and stone statues. Religious shrines and durbar squares are the most visited spots in Kathmandu, provided that they allow visitors to travel in time. 

Shopping on high-end streets has become a new trend among tourists nowadays. For those who wish to soak up nature but don’t want to travel far, you can always turn to Nagarkot or Poon Hill. Himalaya has got innumerable hiking spots for thrill-seekers with a perfect classic trail. 

Most of them meander through a watercourse, green hills, and woodland to reach the highest point. Reaching atop the cliff, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of a series of snow peaks. Look around and you can see the moving glaciers in the mountain, turquoise lakes, and vibrant valleys. 

Though the weather continually changes, it never gets extreme with the lowest temperature at 2.4 Degree Celsius in valleys. Aside from the Himalayas, few places in the valleys and nearby hill stations receive snowfall in winter. Thus, you can visit the country throughout the year. But make sure to checklist the things you can do in 2 weeks in Nepal. 

Things you can do in 2 weeks in Nepal 

Nepal is a perfect getaway for wanderers who adore nature, embrace different cultures and religions. It has got so many astounding places to traverse that you’ll have trouble picking one. To make it easy to choose for you, we’ve listed a few things you can do in 2 weeks in Nepal

1. Trek Annapurna Circuit 

There’s nothing better than trekking to spend the holidays in Nepal, and by trek, we mean 14 days Annapurna Circuit. It’s the most exhilarating hike of all with a gentle climb from Bhulbule past remote villages in Upper Pisang. 

The trek involves no technical difficulties, but walking the steep hills can prove to be strenuous. Even so, no worries as the streaming rivers, ancient monasteries, and flapping prayer flags along the way to Circuit will keep you occupied. 

The most naturally fascinating place on the planet, Annapurna Circuit is famous for its staggering cliffs, rolling landscapes, and glistening mountains. Eroding glaciers calved off into the lake for decades provides a splendid sight to catch.  

Woods in the lower region is a haven for wildlife. Hence, you have a pretty good chance to run across plenty of animals. At an altitude of 17,769 feet, Thorong La Pass offers a drop-dead view of Annapurna range, Pisang Peak and Gangapurna. 

2. Kathmandu City Tour 

Do we even have to say why people are nuts about Kathmandu City when it is so apparent? As a capital, it’s a core of Nepal’s rich history, centuries-old architecture, and economy. Needless to say, the well-preserved archaic cultural museum, stunning pilgrimages, and art galleries have already made a fanbase. 

Travelers are equally fascinated by the valley’s sweeping landscapes, just as its colorful streets and ancient buildings. More often, the trip to Kathmandu kicks off with a visit to Pashupatinath Temple which is built in a typical pagoda style. 

Most of these people also visit Buddhist monasteries, including Swaymbhunath, to offer prayers and explore the shrine. The narrow alleyways and streets of Boudha stupa are filled with a contagious hum. It’s little wonder that you’ll get to hear a resonating sound of singing bowls that loosely comes from every shop. 

The vibrating tone released from the bowl works as a medication for stress and anxiety. Food lovers will enjoy visiting the city even more. That’s because it has got many fancy restaurants and fast food houses to serve mouth-watering dishes. From Chinese to Thai and Western, every haute cuisine is offered at the hotel in Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu is perched at 1,400 meters above sea level so the view of nearby mountains is clearly visible on a bright sunny day. The city also offers plenty of rugged trails to hike winding through forest and cliff. 

3. Visit Chitwan National Park 

Rebuff the crowd and spare a moment to enjoy the wilderness at Chitwan National Park. It’s arguably the best way to make the most of our trip in the country. Spawned in an area of 952.6 km, Chitwan National Park is one of the most exotic sanctuaries. 

It has offered a habitation to more than 700 species of wildlife and a recorded 113 genus of fish and mugger crocodiles. The subtropical broadleaf forest in inner terai is a recreation ground for as many as 543 species of birds, including black-chinned yuhina and Bengal florican, grass warblers. 

The park allows visitors to experience wildlife safari on the steppe grassland providing various options. But we recommend taking a jeep safari or dugout to explore the wetlands. In that way, you can peep at spotted linsangs, striped hyenas, and clouded leopard. 

Trip to Chitwan National Park commences from Sauraha, a small village on the bank of Rapti river. It’s mostly inhabited by the Tharu community and Elephant Breeding Center with Tharu Museum to offer travelers. 

4. Pokhara 

Pokhara is another splendid city bursting with life. The town has got so many incredible places to visit that it’s tough to pick one. Starting with everyone’s favorite, Phewa Lake is a crowd puller in the south of Pokhara valley. 

Most people navigate this serene lake on a wooden boat from the shore to Tal Barahi Temple. Meanwhile, few of them choose to walk the lakeside before dusk to watch the beaming sunrise and sunset 

Pokhara is also the center of all adventures with paragliding and zipline rolled out at Sarangkot. Its roaring river and tranquil lakes suit a bunch of water activities such as rafting, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding. 

Avid trekkers can escape the city’s fuss whenever they like and scramble up the steep trail. They can hike up to Poon Hill and relish the magnificent sunrise from the ridge or else ascend Ghorepani. It’s a small village in northern-central Nepal located at 9,429 ft. and comes with a magnificent view of Annapurna massif, Machhapuchre, and Hiunchuli. 

Just 120 miles west from the capital, Pokhara is right within reach. You can either take a flight or ride on the shuttle to arrive at the city. It’s more comfortable and quick to reach the lakeshore through aircraft. 

5. Bandipur 

If you haven’t traveled to Bandipur yet then hustle now as the village is a must to visit. Located at an elevation of 1,030 meters, Bandipur is a small settlement in the south of Mysore. It’s about 147 km far off from Kathmandu and is thus easily accessible. 

Bandipur is a charming village on a hilltop between Kathmandu and Pokhara. It provides a glorious view of diverse landscapes, shimmering mountains, and waterfalls from the cliff. The trail comes across a terrace farm and beautiful villages where the locals are thoughtful and kind. 

They are welcoming and friendly to every person who passes the settlement. As the trek route gets through the luscious forest, you can spot a few wild animals and unique vegetation. Most of the inhabitants in Bandipur are Newari so you can taste the flavor of the culture. There are plenty of sacred places where you can visit and offer prayers.


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