A Woman’s Guide For Professional Small Business Attire

Professional Small Business

As a small business owner, many perks come along with working for yourself. You have greater control of your day and can work from any location you choose. Working from home gives you the chance to send emails after sweating at the gym or submit proposals while lounging in your pajamas. However, there will be days that you have to put on real clothes. When meeting clients, networking with peers, or pitching to investors, you won’t a look that projects poise and competence. Below is a guide that will help you find the proper attire for a small business owner.

Keep it Simple

In magazines and television, you see sensationalized images of glitzy work attire that doesn’t translate well in real life. You never want to grab the spotlight when it comes to meeting with professional associates or attending company events. Make an impression with your ideas and capabilities, not because you had the fanciest shoes or most expensive suit. When shopping for your wardrobe and buying fashion jewelry to wear to work, keep it simple and tasteful.

Be Relevant

With most industries, there is a certain type of style that comes with it. A business owner that handles cabinet installs will look somewhat different from one that sells fine jewelry. When you pick your outfit, match the dress code of the customers and counterparts. If you are meeting with clients that have traditional taste, be conservative in what you wear. Or, if you have artsy customers, let your creative side show while remaining professional.

Formal Business Attire vs Casual Attire

When you are an employee, the company you work for will dictate what dress code to use. This may be formal and includes a suit, tailored dress, or blouse with a jacket. Or, they could have a business casual dress code which is more relaxed. In your role as a small business owner, you won’t have a boss making this decision for you. You wear many hats and will need to know what to wear in various situations.

Here are ideas on what to wear in numerous business situations:

– Tailored outfits mean that the clothing has been adjusted by a tailor to better fit your particular size. These are great for meeting with investors and shareholders to show your attention to detail and high-quality results.

– There was a time when black, navy, and gray were the only acceptable colors for professional situations. But, other colors are now acceptable and come in styles that are fit for the business environment. Just remember, when wearing a bolder color or pattern, adjust it to your workplace setting.

– Even the materials that you wear can speak for your level of capability in business. If you have to pay more to invest in better quality materials, don’t be afraid to do it. You want items that won’t wrinkle easily or appear cheap. Also, always ensure that your wardrobe is well-laundered and pressed.

Always keep a well-fitting suit on hand for times you aren’t sure what to wear to a meeting. Often, the venue itself will give you an idea of what to expect. But, if all else fails, ask politely how formal the situation will be.


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