The Ultimate West Virginia Travel Guide

West Virginia travel guide

West Virginia, The Mountain State, will take your breath away with beauty. This state provides scenic drives, American history, and outdoor adventures!

Are you ready to explore this geographic gem? Read on for a West Virginia travel guide that won’t let you down!

Scenic Drives

All West Virginia travel guides should include the roads that will lead you to awe. Whether you plan to pass through the state or take the scenic route to your destination within, check out these highways!

Highland Scenic Highway

This two-lane highway stretches 43 miles through the Monongahela National Forest. The Highland Scenic Highway includes state routes 150 and 39.

You will encounter unmatched beauty driving through these dense woodlands. But, stay away from the route 150 end in the winter, as the state does not maintain it from November to March and driving conditions can turn treacherous. You will find plenty of rest areas where you can relax in serenity or snap a few pictures.

Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike

This historic roadway parallels the old railroad tracks. It offers access to the B&O Railroad, making it a strategic battle point early on in the American Civil War. Cruise across a stretch of land where beauty overtook a tragic history.

Historic Sites

West Virginia will satisfy history buffs of all types. Though much tragedy happened here, it can teach you much about the land you live in. Let this travel guide for West Virginia take you back in time.

Grave Creek Mound

In Moundsville West Virginia, you can step foot onto native land. Historians estimate that Grave Creek Mound dates back to 250-150BC.

It served as a burial ground of the Adena people. Maybe you will hear the whispers of ancient souls on this sacred land, but if not, you will definitely enjoy the gorgeous Ohio River Valley.

Philippi Covered Bridge

West Virginia hosted a number of Civil War battles, making it a history buff’s dream destination. In the Tygart Valley River, you will find the site of the first land battle in this war.

It extends from the area, providing an important link for the time. Visit and drive across the longest and oldest covered bridge in the state.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Do you enjoy the darker side of history? If so, travel to Weston to visit the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Here you can learn about the asylum’s mission to help mentally ill patients live better and Civil War Raids on the building. You can also get the scoop on mysteries and take a haunted tour.


Explore the great outdoors before you leave West Virginia! Drop your stuff at a safe and secure luggage deposit and then head out for an adventure!

Some excellent hiking spots include Kaymoor trail, Endless Wall Trail, Blackwater Falls, and Coopers Rock State Forest. Amp up the excitement by white water rafting in the New River Gorge or ziplining in the Ohio Valley!

Enjoy Your West Virginia Travel Guide

This small state offers big excitement. Use this West Virginia travel guide so you do not miss out on the beauty and excitement.

We want you to enjoy every trip you take! Find more travel tips on our website.


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