Healthy Scalp Tips For Great Hair

Healthy Scalp Tips

All of us at some point of time in life have been attracted to beautiful hair. Great hair is synonymous with beauty and to get great hair you need to have a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp cannot be attained easily, you need to follow the below mentioned tips and eventually you will have great hair too:

  • A healthy scalp requires a healthy diet. You need to eat healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, lean meat etc. You should not indulge in fast food. Healthy foods provide the scalp with the nutrients that it requires. You should also include foods that contain antioxidants because they are known to assist hair growth.
  • Blood circulation in the scalp helps it to stay healthy and for proper blood circulation massage can help. Using good quality hair oil massage your scalp and it will be very beneficial. Coconut oil is considered to be the best though you can try any other that suits you such as hair oil with added vitamins and nutrients. The hair needs hydration and proper massage keeps it hydrated along with strengthening the root. 
  • Frequent shampooing of hair is also one of the reasons why the scalp goes dry. Shampoo your hair just once or twice a week, do not shampoo every day or every alternate day. Also it is necessary to use a mild shampoo and not any shampoo that is advertised and catches your attention. Do not change shampoos frequently or just because your friend used a new one. Every scalp is different, so use a shampoo that works for you. The same is for your conditioner, use a mild conditioner and one that works for you. 
  • A lot of us have used hair colour at some point in our lives. Though it makes our hair look good, it is not good for the scalp and long term use can harm the scalp and hair, which means it will affect your good looks in the long run. Hair colours have chemicals which can be harmful and even cause cancer, so be cautious when you use hair colour, you may even need hair scalp treatment after prolonged use. If you have to use hair colours try to use healthy skin care products such as natural hair colours that do not contain harmful chemicals. However, if you do not use any hair colour at all your scalp and hair will thank you.
  • To improve the health of your scalp you need to exfoliate it. Exfoliating the scalp is similar to exfoliating the skin, you need an exfoliating agent, such as sugar which can be added to your shampoo and it will give great results.
  • Generally it is believed that you need supplements to improve hair growth. It is an option but you need to consult your doctor before you start ingesting supplements. 
  • The world is dusty and polluted. The dust and grime attach to your hair and scalp. This can cause problems over time. The best way to avoid this is to cover your hair whenever you go out. By covering your hair your scalp and hair will not be affected.


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