5 Nursery Essentials Every New Parent Needs

nursery essentials

Did you know that over 350,000 babies are born every single day? That’s a lot of cute newborns who will need the perfect nursery.

Are you one of the many people who are eager to become parents? If so, you’re probably wondering what nursery items are essential for your baby’s safety.

While there’s a lot of different items and brands on the market, we’ve narrowed it down just for you. Keep reading to learn all about 5 nursery essentials every new parent needs.

1. A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are an essential tool for making sure your baby is safe and sound at all times. Whether you’re watching TV in the living room or cooking dinner in the kitchen, you can always keep track of your newborn with a baby monitor.

Some baby monitors use only sound while some can even give you a video feed. If you need help finding the best baby monitor, then take a look at this baby monitor advise.

2. A Crib

When it comes to essentials for a nursery, a crib will be what protects your baby as they slumber and play.

The last thing you want is for your baby to get into mischief once they learn how to crawl. The crib prevents that from traveling too far.

When choosing a crib, be mindful of the visibility it offers. The baby monitor should be able to track your baby’s movements no matter where they are in the crib.

3. A Mattress

Cribs usually don’t come with a mattress so you’ll have to buy that separately. Urinary accidents are likely to happen, so the mattress should be waterproof.

To make clean-up easier, you should also purchase a waterproof mattress cover. That way, you’ll only have to wash the cover.

4. A Nursing Chair

Other than the crib, a nursing chair is one of the most important pieces of nursery furniture. Being a mom is tough work. When your baby is hungry, you should have a comfortable place to sit down and feed them.

Usually, babies want to feed often, which means the chair should be as comfortable as possible. The ideal chair will rock or swivel because these motions can be soothing to your newborn.

5. A Nursing Pillow

When it comes to nursery necessities, you won’t want to forget about a nursing pillow. While feeding your baby, their head must remain elevated. This helps to prevent a build-up of gas and overall indigestion.

A high-quality pillow will be able to last years and serve more uses other than just nursing. For example, as your baby grows, the nursing pillow can help your baby learn to sit up. With a comfortable seat rest, they’ll be much more confident.

Ready to Get These Nursery Essentials?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 nursery essentials every new parent needs, you can create the best nursery for your beautiful newborn.

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