A Guide to Choosing The Best CBD Pen

CBD pen

What’s scarier than skydiving? Public speaking.

Luckily, new research shows CBD can help people overcome their fear of public speaking. The study gave participants a 600 mg dose of CBD right before they gave a speech. As a result, the public speakers were less anxious, before, during, and after giving their speech.

If you’re ready to lead an anxiety-free life, a CBD pen is a great place to start. However, since there’s a ton of CBD vape pen options out there, you have to know the right things to look for. Luckily for you, we’ve completed this short but complete guide to help you find the perfect vaping option for you!

Read on to learn how to choose a premium CBD vape pen.

Essential Oil Add Ons

Did you know that you can buy a CBD pen that uses essential oils? You’ll be happy to know that there are disposable and nondisposable vape options that use essential oils.

Essential oils are the perfect addition to make your vaping experience enjoyable and effective. Peppermint oil can help put some pep in your step, while lemon oil can instill a sense of confidence.

If relaxation and sleep are your main objectives, look for a vape pen that uses a calming essential oil like lavender. Studies show that lavender oil can help treat anxiety, while also providing relief for menstrual cramps.

Know Your Additives

To help with sleep, we suggest getting a disposable CBD oil pen that doesn’t use vape additives like vegetable glycerine. Additives like vegetable glycerine are what makes the vape pen create large clouds of smoke.

Since you’ll be using the pen right before bed, it’s best to keep the air as clear as possible. CBD oil pens that don’t use additives are also great for when you need to be discrete. For instance, if you’re traveling for work, you won’t have to worry about large vape clouds drawing unwanted attention.

How Much Will You Be Vaping?

Are you planning on vaping CBD regularly or just every now and then? If want to be a regular vaper, you’ll need a CBD pen that’s refillable. Your refillable CBD vape pen will be more eco-friendly when it’s refillable, plus you’ll never be without it.

When you buy a refillable CBD vape pen, you’ll have to consider what size you want. For instance, if you want a small pen, consider getting one that holds 1 ml of CBD vape juice. However, if you plan on doing a lot of vaping throughout the day, a 5 ml vape oil holding capacity would better.

After finding the right size, you’ll also want to double-check the pen’s temperature capabilities. Check to see if the pen is good at maintaining an ideal temperature. When a CBD vape pen can maintain the right temperature there’s less of a possibility that you’ll create or inhale dangerous carcinogens.

CBD Pen Potency

To quickly evaluate the quality of a CBD pen you have to figure out its potency. The potency of the vape pen should match your dosing needs.

If you’re buying a cartridge, they usually list the potency on the packaging. However, if you’re refilling your CBD vape pen with new CBD vape juice, you’ll have to determine the potency yourself.

Before you can determine how potent a vape pen is, you’ll first need to know the amount of CBD the vape pen or cartridge contains. That’s why we suggest you avoid buying vape pens that don’t list the amount of CBD the pen contains. Instead, go with a pen like the Pinnacle hemp blue dream CBD pen, that lists the CBD amount in mg on the package.

CBD Potency Equation

Do you know how many milligrams of CBD the cartridge or pen contains? The next step is to determine how many milliliters of CBD juice the container holds.

Let’s say for instance that you have a 30ml bottle of CBD vaping juice. On the bottle, you read that there are 1,000 milligrams of CBD inside. To determine the potency you’d need to divide the total amount of CBD by the total amount of vape juice.

In this example you’d divide 1000 mg of CBD by 30 ml of vape juice, to get the number 33. Now you know that there is 33 mg of CBD for every 1 ml cartridge. If you have a vape pen that only holds 1 ml of vape juice, each refill puts 33 mg of CBD in your pen.

Price Shop by Comparing CBD Amounts

To compare prices, you’ll want to find out what you’re paying for each mg of CBD. All you need to do is take the total price of the CBD oil pen and then divide it by the total mg of CBD the pen contains.

Say for instance that a pen costs $20 and it contains 33 mg of CBD. You’d divide 20 by 33 to get the number .61 which equals 61 cents.

That means the $20 CBD pen costs you $0.61 for every mg of CBD you consume. You can do the same process of dividing the price by the CBD mg until you have a couple of pen prices to compare.

Choosing the Right Look and Design

Don’t you want the sight of your vape pen to be something that brings you joy? Avoid buying CBD vape pens that look unsightly and cheap. Instead, take your time as you find an aesthetically pleasing vape pen that suits your fashion sense.

If you’re a bright and cheery person, get a lively pen color like red or yellow. Once you find a pen that looks good, the next step is to check that the design is effective.

For instance, you’ll want a vape pen that can withstand the test of time. Instead of getting a cheap plastic pen, splurge for one made out of durable material.

Carbon fiber vape pens and stainless steel vape pens are two good choices if you want a stylish vape pen that’ll never let you down. Vape pens that use ceramic heating elements, like Pyrex glass, are also a strong choice.

Whatever you do, stay away from vape pens that use titanium alloy. Titanium alloy is notorious for being a defective manufacturing material. It’s perfectly okay for the pen to use titanium coils and rods, as long as it’s not titanium alloy.

You should also avoid vape pens that use Teflon or silicon since both of these materials have low melting points. Finally, steer clear of any vape pen attachments that use copper. While copper looks nice it’s dangerous to use with high temperatures.

Tank or CBD Oil Pen?

You’ll need to decide if you want to get a CBD vape pen or a CBD tank. A pen can use CBD concentrates, while a CBD tank will always use vape juice or e-liquid.

Do you want a CBD oil pen that makes big clouds of smoke? If yes, you’re looking to buy a CBD tank pen. Your CBD tank will be refillable, and they usually come in larger size options than the CBD vape pens will.

If you’re looking for a private vaping experience, stick to a slender pen that you can easily slip into your pocket. The CBD pen is also preferable if you want to use CBD concentrates that offer a more pure form of CBD.

By using a pure form of CBD, you’ll need fewer puffs to get your daily dose. A CBD tank pen has a limit to how much CBD it can hold without using dangerous chemicals. As a result, CBD tank users usually have to take several puffs to get the same dose one puff from a CBD oil pen gives.

Cartridge Choices

You can choose to get a disposable CBD cartridge that’s prefilled or you can get a refillable CBD cartridge. A pre-filled cartridge comes ready to go with the CBD e-liquid inside.

While some prefilled cartridge options are reusable, the majority of them are disposable. If you’re looking to save a little money, the refillable cartridges are more cost-effective. However, keep in mind that a refillable CBD cartridge doesn’t come with any vape juice in it.

Instead, you’ll have to purchase the CBD vape juice separately and fill the cartridge up yourself. We find that refillable cartridges tend to use more durable, quality materials when compared to disposable cartridges.

Whether you get a refillable or disposable cartridge, you’ll need to make sure you store it properly. Cartridges should stay in a dark, cool area that’s also dry. By properly storing your cartridges you’ll be extending the lifespan of the CBD inside them.

Buy With Confidence

Now you know the ins and outs of finding the best CBD pen. Don’t wait to start experiencing the relief CBD can bring.

Go ahead and start searching for your vape pen today. For more articles like this one, check out the rest of this site.


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