How Much Does It Cost to Put Siding on a House?

how much does it cost to put siding on a house

Most homeowners spend an average of $10,254 on house siding.

The cost varies greatly depending on the materials used, the house’s size, and the contractor you hire. You should, therefore, get the right estimates before you start the project.– You shouldn’t be planning around all the time, that’s true, but dedicating a fair amount of time to it is crucial to get the task done the right way. By analysing your options with the proper guidance, you will stick to your budget and get the best work possible. The¬†professional James Hardie siding installation¬†process is designed to fulfil your expectations and sometimes exceed them.

To answer how much does it cost to put siding on a house, we will discuss several factors, and how they affect the siding costs. Keep reading to learn more.

The Siding Materials

There are many siding materials. From vinyl to wood, the vast array of options helps you to choose the best types of siding material, which would increase the curb appeal of your property.

Here are the common siding materials, and how much it could cost you to use them.


Vinyl is a commonly used material. It is quite affordable, plus it does not rot quickly. Also, the maintenance requirements are meager, mainly if you choose the best quality vinyl material.

The average cost for using the vinyl siding is $2-$7 per square meter.


Aluminum is another popular siding material. It is the best siding material for homes located in areas with shallow temperatures. It is waterproof, and you may consider it in regions with regular downfalls.

Aluminum is cost-effective, but an expert should do the siding. You may incur an average of $3-$6 per square meter when using the aluminum siding.


Wood is one of the traditional methods of siding. It has been used for years, but its effectiveness makes it relevant up to date.

The best wood for siding should be durable and of high quality to provide excellent results. The average cost for wood siding is $3-$15 per square meter.

Engineered wood

The engineered wood uses either plywood or hardwood. The siding experts bond different pieces of wood together and then treat them with the right pesticides.

After that, they paint and join the wood to give it the same look as that of the regular wood. Engineered wood is lightweight and attractive, and you may incur an average of $1.50-$7 per square meter for this siding.


Steel comes in many types, with the main ones being panels, shingles, verticals, etc. It is quite durable, but you should get the best quality steel to prevent denting with time. The average cost of a steel siding is $4-$8 per square meter.


Brick comes in many types, colors, and textures, too; giving the homeowner may opt to choose from. If done well, a brick siding can be a valuable addition to the appearance of your home. The average installation costs for brick siding is $12-$18 per square meter.


Stone is an expensive siding option. However, it guarantees appealing results with fewer maintenance requirements.

A well-done stone siding can provide lifetime service; hence, the siding costs are worth it. The average prices for the stone siding are $15-$30 per square meter.

Fiber Cement

The fiber cement works well for homes prone to insect damage. The material offers maximum protection to the insects and other adverse weather effects too.

Homeowners who use the fiber siding can expect up to 79% recoup of the initial siding costs. The fiber cement siding might cost you $1-$6 per square meter.

Labor Costs

The costs of labor depend on the contractors you hire. Some may charge their services more than others; hence, it’s advisable to compare the prices.

The labor costs also depend on the siding materials you are using and the location of the house. Some materials such as stone are not easy to use, and they may attract higher labor costs.

On average, most contractors charge 25 to 50% of the total cost of materials. This means that you can pay anything between $0.75 and $3 per square meter.

The contractor will give you the right labor estimates before commencing the project. You can then negotiate for more favorable terms.

New House Siding Vs. Replacement Siding

The siding costs for a newly built property are not the same as that of an older home. The older homes tend to have a relatively higher price for the process. This is because contractors will have to scar the old siding and make some polishing changes before installing the new siding.

The new siding may cost you an average of $2 to $15 per square meter. The old house replacement may cost you more than $30 per meter on the same.

Additional Siding Costs

There are other additional siding costs. Besides the costs of material and labor, you should consider the charges of the following things:

  • The siding installation permit costs- permit may cost a maximum of $200
  • The costs of garage siding, gate siding, and other things you would like the contractor to add when siding the main home
  • The removal costs for the old siding, which may take average prices of $1000

The contractor provides the cost estimates for these minor things, depending on the size of the home and the material.

Estimating the Siding Costs

Follow this process to get an estimate of the siding costs:

  • Find out the total perimeter of your house
  • Measure the height of the home
  • Multiply the perimeter and the height to get the square feet of your house
  • Measure your doors, windows, and the chimney and subtract them from your figure
  • Multiply the new value with the average costs of the materials you wish to use

You will get a rough estimate of the total siding costs and less labor. Remember to add 20% if your home has more than one story.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Siding on a House? The Right Answer

There is no standard cost for the siding.

Do not assume what another person spends on the house siding process will work for your property. Every house has unique cost estimates, which only the right contractor can find out.

Before you start the project, let the contractor tell you how much does it cost to put siding on a house. Compare what different providers offer and choose the most affordable.

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