Adding the Luxury Look to Your Bathroom


Your bathroom might currently be the most practical in the house, only to be frequented for functional trips. But what if you could remodel your bathroom into a space that you wanted to spend time in? A bathroom that you linger in for a few extra minutes (or hours) just to soak in the design and beauty? 

Having a bathroom like this can be achieved, all you need to do is to add some luxurious touches to it. But where do you start? How can you add a bit of luxury to a room that is all about function? We have some recommendations that will help you achieve this style of the room without breaking the bank. But first, what does luxury mean to you? 

A Little Luxury

For some who live in the remotest parts of the world, a flushing toilet is a luxury. For others, the idea of having hot water straight from the tap is a luxury. For most of us, the concept of luxury is those little extras that aren’t essential, but they make the room look glamorous and make us feel great. It makes sense that when you are redesigning your new bathroom, you may as well make it as wonderful to spend time in as possible. Adding the luxury look to your bathroom will not only make it look a million dollars, but it will make you feel like a million dollars when you are using it. 

Bathroom Basics

Before we discuss how to add the luxury look to your bathroom, we first need to cover the bathroom basics. 

  • Toilet

There are lots of different methods that you could have your toilet set up in your home. You might have a powder room, a separate toilet room, or you might have your toilet in your main bathroom. But did you know that there are hundreds of different types and styles of a toilet? From one-piece, dual flush systems to wall hanging water-saving toilets, the one you choose to install in your bathroom can make a significant difference both to the design and the function. To find the perfect toilet that suits your needs, check out this article on How To Choose The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom.

  • Sink 

Of course, if you are using the toilet, you will need to wash your hands somewhere! Sink heights, sizes, depths, and color variations and can make a big difference to the look and design of your bathroom. It is also imperative to choose the right size for the room based on its purpose. For example, a powder room sink would only need to be small as guests are only washing their hands in it. The main bathroom sink will need to be bigger for washing your face and brushing your teeth. While a laundry room sink will need to be bigger still. 

  • Faucets

Faucets come in a range of sizes and designs to suit your bathroom style, particularly your room’s aesthetic design. As well as being available in mixer style, widespread and stand-alone, you can buy faucets in the style of ultra-modern, classic design or period design. Adding these little design extras to your bathroom will allow you to style the room how you wish and give a complete scheme. 

  • Shower

As with faucets, showers come in many different styles. As well as the look, you can also change up your shower head for different spray functions, different spray intensities, and different positions to suit your showering requirements. 

  • Bathtub

There are two different types of a bathtub, stand-alone and fitted. Stand-alone bathtubs sit away from the wall while walls usually conceal the fitted bathtubs on at least two sides of the bathtub. You will find tubs in different materials, sizes, and colors. 

Where to Add Luxury 

Now that we have the fundamentals covered, let’s look at how we can add a bit of luxury to these basics and create a luxurious bathroom. 

  • Faucets

As we previously mentioned, faucets come in lots of different designs and colors. So, if you want to add extra luxury into your bathroom, then why not think about adding some luxury with high-end faucets? It could be that you choose to use gold faucets or that you like the look of an oil rubbed bronze mixer faucet. You could also go for a waterfall style faucet that allows water to cascade off the faucet’s end rather than the traditional method of forcing it through a spout. Where possible, try to match all of your faucets in your bathroom so that it provides you with a more cohesive look. For further information on the variety of faucets, take a look at this article.

  • Functions

Anyone can install a shower that washes you, but what if your shower had over 20 functions, gave you a massage, and allowed you to drift off to the Amazon rainforest for five blissful minutes? With a little bit of analysis and some extra investment, you can find elements of your bathroom that will give you additional features and functions that will make your bathroom much more luxurious. Why not go even further and take a look at some of the functions available from a smart toilet? These toilets are the latest bathroom design trend and incorporate a bidet, seat warmer, and automatic flushing into your home toilet. 

  • Décor

If your budget is minimal, but you still want a luxury bathroom, then you can do this by adding luxury décor. Think about adding elements of gold, deep colors, or vintage items into your room design. Go for high-end flooring and tiling to make a standard bathroom suite stand out. Think about adding more “comfort” elements to the room, such as candles, seating, and lamps, to create a room where you can relax and wash in. 

  • Lighting

Finally, the finishing touch, the lighting. So many people forget this important element when they are designing a room, and yet it is one of the most important. Speaking of bathrooms, you need to ensure that you are getting the right amount of functional lighting with a hint of ambient as well. To get a truly luxurious feel, treat your bathroom lighting as you would your bedroom lighting, beautiful to look at but still effective for your needs. Think about adding additional light fixtures on the walls or in the corner of the room for even more WOW. 

Maintaining Your Luxury Bathroom 

Considering how your bathroom design will look when you install it, you should also think about how it will look at its ages. How easy is it to maintain the luxurious additions you have put into your bathroom? Will their features and style outlive the “next big thing” in interior design? Considering the maintenance of your luxury bathroom when you install it will help you to plan ahead and allow you to invest in high-quality items. 

As you can see, adding the luxury look to your bathroom is not as hard as you might think. Why not schedule a little time today to plan your new bathroom and see where you can add a little bit of luxury? 


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