The Difficulties of Receiving No Exam Life Insurance

No Exam Life Insurance

In people’s life, events very often happen that are beyond their control. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an extraordinary disease discovery, or sudden death, each individual must have the resources to immediately recover the losses and damage incurred. A fairly large group of people are positioned in an unexpectedly and constantly high-risk zone. These are firefighters, security workers, rescuers, collectors, and representatives of many other professions. When hiring for the named positions or when entering the service, the relevant ministries, departments and other organizations assume obligations to ensure the life and health of these persons in case of death or permanent disability. For this assistance, life insurance companies accept citizens of certain contributions; in return, they guarantee cash payments upon the occurrence of certain events. In practice, payments from specialized organizations significantly exceed the contributions of citizens. In all of the above cases, we are talking about life insurance.  

A life insurance contract is one of the most common personal insurance contracts. This is due to a more attentive attitude of society to the standard of living, the desire for material stability in the future. The desire to protect oneself from material costs or at least partially alleviate the situation at the time of an insured event is quite natural. And it is life insurance that allows citizens to maximize the settlement of these problems, without placing them on the shoulders of relatives and friends. A life insurance contract is a formal sealed agreement between the insurer and the policyholder on the payment by the first party of a certain insurance amount upon the occurrence of specific insured events in exchange for the insurance premium by the second party. The conclusion of the contract is confirmed by the execution of an insurance policy. 

In most cases, to get an insurance premium, you need to pass a full medical examination. If you have a feeling that your health condition may let you down, you may apply for no exam life insurance.

3 Reasons You Won’t Pass for No Exam Life Insurance

life insurance with no medical exam means that you don’t need to go through a medical examination to receive a premium. This type of policy is getting more widespread day after day. And it is no wonder since in order to obtain such insurance you don’t have to undergo a full exam of your current health condition and previous illnesses. But, there are specific ground rules that you need to keep up with. Below, we listed the most common reasons why may not pass for this kind of policy.

  1. Age.

On the insurance market, some firms refuse to provide insurance for those over 60-65. In fact, this is valid for most policy providers. The age borders for non-exam arrangements are frequently lower than for standard policies. Also, these age boundaries depend on the firm, the value of coverage, and the duration. 

2. Height/Weight

Height and weight, or physique, is the extra ground why no exam life insurance seekers fail to get it. Most policy providers on the market have strict height/weight rules. If you go beyond their boundaries, unfortunately, you will not be capable of obtaining the policy. They set these limits because they can’t examine your health condition. Policy providers measure the proportions of your body and figure out the premium. In this case, we recommend resorting to an independent insurance consultant. He will explain all the pain points and calculate the possible insurance premium rate for you. 

  1. Doctor Visits Record

Since no exam life insurance firms don’t conduct medical examinations, they seek additional paths to check the condition of your health. If you don’t visit your doctor regularly, this may trigger concerns and doubts about your premium. There is a relevant term called “age-appropriate exams.” Again, age limits that suggest you are required to attend your doctor frequently depend upon the firm. But, of course, if you are 50 years old, most insurance providers will expect that you steadily visit your doctor. 

Other widespread reasons for insurance refusal may be serious illnesses or bankruptcy. If you find yourself in any of the above listed difficult positions, don’t panic. Today, there are still companies that will provide you with their premium regardless of your health issues, age, or body. Consider hiring a professional to guide you through all the details.

Final Word

The insurance industry makes the socio-economic situation stable. It is a type of socially useful activity in which citizens and organizations pre-insure themselves against intangible adverse consequences, which, in turn, makes society stronger and happier. There is no doubt, that every person who cares about his future and family should consider applying for life insurance. There may be difficulties on the way, but the result will reimburse your efforts.


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