Woodworking projects and sliding compound miter saw – The types of projects and crucial factors to keep in mind

Woodworking projects and sliding compound miter saw – The types of projects and crucial factors to keep in mind

Every new, novice and inexperienced woodworkers agree that the miter saw is one of the essential tools they have! It’s a wise decision to get one home. You need to mull over the project type and your budget capacity before you opt-in for one. When you use a standard miter saw, it helps to swivel the wood base for making angular cuts and the usual precise, clean cuts.

However, today people and professionals engaged in woodworking projects would want to use a compound miter saw for making the attractive bevel cuts along with angular cuts. Do you want to use chunky wood pieces? If yes, a sliding compound miter saw will help you blade the slide along with the track.

When should you use the sliding compound miter saw? 

If you want to make angular cuts in your woodworking project, a sliding compound miter saw is the best tool. It is necessary to invest in this saw when you want to work on critical and large projects that will enable you to accomplish the task at hand fast. Using this saw, you can finish your job in a hassle-free way. A few woodworking projects that you can work on using this saw are:

  • A wood planter

It is an ambitious project. You need to personalize the planter by including hooks. It helps you to hang the planter for the windows. Alternatively, you can also install any decorative hardware in the end.

  • The standard cabinets

It is not difficult to add interest and dimension to a flat cabinet. You can simply choose an attractive trim and the cut pieces at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, you also need to protect the same to the door, using the brad nailer for a cost-effective and fast upgrade.

  • Serving trays

It’s interesting to try and use this advanced to make the serving tray. When you are all set, go ahead and test the skills of new fancy cuts to the tray bottom. For instance, you can try the herringbone or the chevron pattern. 

  • Create customized picture frames

You will never find a high-end picture frame to be cheap. And at times, you will have to search a lot before you get the correct size, especially when you want to frame any original art form. You can use a high-end sliding compound miter saw to get a perfect 45-degree angle cut and create a stunning picture frame. 

  • Adding wainscoting to the walls

As and when you are at ease using the miter saw, you might want to install wainscoting on any of the rooms. It will add a new dimension and interest to the room space. It will also add to the classic look of the place and maximize the resale value. You need to get the measurements correctly as you execute this project. 

The things to consider while shopping

A person might require a miter saw for making crosscuts on wooden flooring will not require added features that a professional will need for installing an elaborate crown molding. You will decide on the sliding compound miter saw based on the woodworking projects you are executing. A few important factors to consider are:

  • Size

If you buy a 10-inch saw, you will get a 10-inch blade. And that is apt for cutting the majority of siding strips and trim boards, that 6 inches wide and about ¾ inches thick. However, if you wish to cut thicker boards, for instance, the 1.5-inch-thick framing boards, you need to opt-in for a 12-inch saw with bigger blades to cut thicker boards easily.

  • Optional dust collection

Usually, the miter saws kick up sawdust, when you open in a workshop. The best remedy for this is two dust collection types that are available in the market. The first one is a small bag that gets designed for collecting little dust that comes out naturally from the blade. The second option is the dust collection port that seamlessly connects the hose of the shop-type vacuum.

  • Laser guide

A few miter saws come with a laser guide that marks a green or red line across the wood where the table gets cut. It is a useful feature that the beginners and DIY users can use to make sure they get precise cutting.

  • The non-slip grips

At times, when you are working during the summer months, you might sweat, which will lead to a slippery grip. Make sure to opt-in for a miter saw that comes with a padded non-slip grip, which will bring down the scopes for minimizing hand fatigue and enable a firm grasp. It’s one of the added features that will provide ease in your woodworking projects. 

There are several woodworking projects that you can practice with a high-end sliding compound miter saw. As you browse online to search one, keep the pointers mentioned above handy to make the best choice.



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